Kenny Chesney’s ‘Knowing You’ Reminded the Singer of Classic Country Songs He Grew Up Loving

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/ Getty Images)

Country artist Kenny Chesney dishes on the first time he heard his song, “Knowing You,” and how it reminded him of other songs he loved growing up. 

Kenny Chesney released the song “Knowing You” in 2020 as part of his album Here and Now. Upon his first time giving his new hit a listen, the 52-year-old Tennessee native said that the song made him nostalgic for his past. Chesney said it reminded him of classic country songs he loved when growing up.

The country artist posted the interview to his Youtube channel, explaining what “Knowing You” means to him. Kenny Chesney grew up liking all genres of music, although a few stood out for having a timeless element. 

“Growing up in East Tennessee, I was consumed by so much music. I love country… what’s now known as classic rock…Bluegrass…Gospel. I loved everything. And there were these songs on the country station that just drew me into the narrative and the story that I just fell in love with.”

Kenny Chesney Reveals First Thoughts on “Knowing You”

Kenny Chesney noted his first thoughts when he gave his new song a listen. He explained how it reminded him of himself, a young aspiring country singer just trying to make it big. 

“The first time I heard “Knowing You,” it reminded me of the kind of song that made me want to leave East Tennessee in the first place and follow this dream and go on this path. I knew when I heard “Knowing You” that it was the kind of song that I haven’t had in a while. And I felt like it was something that was right in my wheelhouse, and I felt like it was time for one of these songs.”

Finally, Kenny Chesney reveals the true meaning behind the song “Knowing You.”

He says that it isn’t meant to be this sad heartbreak song, but more of a celebration. 

“Knowing You” isn’t about being heartbroken. It’s about being truly happy and grateful for what was shared and truly wanting the best for the other person. It’s a song about sharing a moment or a chapter of your life where you felt so happy. You felt so alive, and you wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.”

Regardless, the song is a classic hit that we will happily put on replay this summer while lounging poolside. Kenny Chesney does it again, folks.