Kenny Chesney’s ‘No Shoes Reefs’ Organization Begins Huge Reef Park Development

by Halle Ames

Kenny Chesney proves to be not only an amazing artist but a conservation activist dedicated to restoring reefs.

Ah yes, our country music heartthrob has done it again, making us love him all the more. What can’t he do?

Kenny Chesney has been the driving force behind “No Shoes Reefs,” a new organization dedicated to coral relief. The effort has combined forces with Coastal Conservation Association Florida and Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management. They also have the help of Sandoway Discovery Center, Reef Ball Foundation, Building Conservation Trust, and Global SubDive to promote a healthier underwater ecosystem.

The group has released thirteen Goliath reef balls half a mile off the coast of Delray Beach in Florida. Each reef ball is 7-by-6 feet long and weighs 10,000-pounds. This kickstarts the beginning of a 32-acre underwater reef park.

Can you say AMAZING?

Kenny Chesney Gives Back to the Ocean

Kenny Chesney says this is the least he can do to give back to the struggling environment he holds dear.

“No Shoes Reefs is an extension of how I have tried to live for many, many years,” says the country superstar. “Love the water, give back to the water. Many people don’t realize both how fragile and resilient the ocean’s ecosystems are, and I think it’s the small projects that raise awareness on local levels that help people understand the ocean is a living thing. Our partners have been so tireless in terms of raising money, awareness, and doing the actual work – and it’s a wonderful way to build the No Shoes Nation community of people who care about the ocean, the beach, and our whole way of life.”

Kenny Chesney’s public relations firm released a press release this morning about the organization. It states that the effort is dedicated to educating students in the area on coral environments.

“No Shoes Reefs 4 takes its name from the reef’s four partners – and will provide long-term educational opportunities for the students of Palm Beach County through the Sandoway Discovery Center’s ongoing educational programs,” said the release. “These educational opportunities will necessitate an ongoing reef monitoring program. NSR4 will also provide a long-term economic boost for the County, as well as a positive impact on the marine species, tourism, and on the local fishing and diving community for many years to come.”

The State of Coral Reefs

The reef will become a thriving home for endless amounts of marine life, including various fish and invertebrates. The goal is for the reef to improve water quality, enhance fisheries, and provide more opportunities for local anglers.

Due to warmer temperatures, pollution, overfishing, and water acidification, coral reefs worldwide are bleaching and dying. In addition, these efforts must be made as 50 percent of coral reefs have been killed in the last 30-years. According to Secore, up to 90 percent of the ocean’s reefs may die in the next century.

Kenny Chesney has done his part to ensure our oceans’ future. Now it is your turn.