Kenny Rogers’ Estate Suing Over Late Country Legend’s Final Tour DVD

by Madison Miller

A continued dispute is happening over a final tour DVD of the late icon Kenny Rogers.

A recent lawsuit is claiming that a friend of Kenny Rogers, Kelly Junkermann, had permission to film the late singer’s farewell tour. However, he reportedly did not have any commercial rights.

Court documents obtained by TMZ online detail the lawsuit. The friend was allowed to record for personal use. However, he was not allowed to share with fans and the general public.

The DVD was called “Kenny Rogers The Gambler’s Last Deal.”

It is reported that Roger’s estate spent up to $300,000 in legal fees in order to shut down the distribution of the DVD in question. In addition, the estate wants money for damages and assurance since they want to make sure no one will ever see the footage. They fear it could damage his image.

There was verbal and written proof the Junkermann was in fact denied the rights to use his footage for commercial purposes.

In fact, if you search on Amazon for the DVD it is still listed. However, it is listed as unavailable with no options to buy or stream it.

For those looking for something to watch of Rogers, Amazon and other companies are selling “The Gambler Collection.” This is a collection of his roles as “The Gambler” starting in 1980 and ending in 1987.

Kenny Roger’s Death

Up until his death, Kenny Rogers was still performing and sharing his music. He was a photographer so he was publishing his photo books such as “2005’s This is My Country.”

He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013 and received a Grammy with close friend Dolly Parton for “You Can’t Make Old Friends.” He retired in 2017. Before that, he had played at iconic festivals like Bonnaroo and Glastonbury.

The music and movie icon died in March at the age of 81.

At the time, according to USA Today, he was under hospice care and died of natural causes. He appeared in the Today Show to say that he was going to do one final tour and then be done. It was announced in 2015 and stopped in 2017.

He was a man of multiple talents. Rogers was a decades-long friend and collaborator to Dolly Parton. He had his farewell interview at the end of his tour with Parton. The magnetic and strong bond between the two is clear in this farewell video.