Kid Rock Celebrates Returning to the Road with Granddaughter

by Matthew Memrick

Kid Rock celebrated the start of his tour with his granddaughter, Skye.

In a recent Twitter photo, he posed with her and Tweeted, “And I am so happy to have gained at least one new fan for sure after a great weekend in Texas! Rock on! – Grandpa”

Skye pointed at the camera with a “duck” face, her cute pigtails, and an American flag vest (probably a grandfather’s gift.” Rock flashed the peace sign while wearing sunglasses. 

The rock star started his tour off in Sturgis on Aug. 8 before returning to his home state of Michigan for a couple of dates. 

After finishing two of three shows at the legendary Fort Worth, Texas venue, Billy Bob’s, he’s got one more there before a long break. Of the four shows, three were sold-out performances. 

He’ll get back to touring in Maryland on Sept. 18.

Kid Rock A Grandfather at 43

At 27, Rock had a son, Robert Ritchie Jr., with ex-girlfriend Kelly South. The Things reported that Senior had a granddaughter at age 43 but didn’t specify his son’s age at the time.

Kid Rock has joked with Rolling Stone that becoming a granddad so early has kept his “redneck street cred in good standing.” 

Rock Keeping Busy

In January, the performer celebrated his 50th birthday with an online event. According to the Detroit Free Press, Kid Rock raised about $200,000 for a fund supporting restaurants and bars hit hard by the pandemic. 

Rock joined Skye, family, and friends, including Motley Crue’s Vince Neil. Country stars Jake Owen and John Pardi and former Detroit hockey player Chris Chelios met up at Rock’s Cowboy Town ranch near Nashville. 

He told Yahoo! News that he remembered his 40th-birthday show in 2011 and said, “I can’t believe ten freaking years have passed. 40 turned into 50 really fast.”

Rock let on that 2022 might be his farewell tour.

“I don’t want to be Mick Jagger up there,” he told Yahoo! News. 

Noting that he’s been battling neck and knee issues, he said of his planned tour: “I will say that’ll be the last time you can see me at my peak.”

With the Sturgis concert, reports came out on Tuesday about the surge of COVID numbers. One of Kid Rock’s fellow performers, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, came down with COVID days after Kid Rock’s show. 

Keloland report on Tuesday said that Meade County, South Dakota, had a 36 percent weekly positive test rate eight days after the Sturgis Rally. 

The TV station said that one out of every three COVID-19 tests were positive. The rate was the highest for any South Dakota county dealing with more than ten new cases.