Kid Rock Explains to Tucker Carlson Why He Feels He’s ‘Uncancelable’

by Samantha Whidden
: kid-rock-explains-tucker-carlson-why-he-feels-hes-uncancelable
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Although critics are constantly on him for his unusual lyrics and political opinion, Kid Rock personally believes he is an “uncancelable” celebrity.

During a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock spoke about how he is able to say whatever he wants without feeling stressed about potential canceling. “I am uncancelable. Because I don’t give a f—. I’m not in bed with big corporate things. So at the end of the day, there’s nobody I’m beholden to. No record companies [or] corporate interests. Nothing. You can’t cancel me. I love it when they try.”

One of the examples that Kid Rock has received some backlash over is his latest single We the People. As previously reported, The political track has an interesting chorus, which reads, We the People/ Let’s go Brandon. And, of course, some of the lyrics include, “We the people in all we do/Reserve the right to scream ‘F— you.’”

Tucker Carlson Previously Praised Kid Rock For Standing Up For His Strong Political Opinions 

In late January 2022, Tucker Carlson spoke about Kid Rock’s new music. The talk show host declared, “One thing you never see in the entertainment business is anybody thinking for himself. So when one of them stands alone, we applaud. And that’s why multiplatinum artist and all-around good guy Kid Rock is our focus tonight.”

Carlson also discussed Kid Rock’s latest singles, which are Don’t Tell Me How to Live and, of course, We the People. The Fox News personality also stated that the musician has agreed to allow his documentary producers to track him on his next tour for a new “Tucker Carlson Originals.”

Meanwhile, Kid Rock previously had his woes during past Fox News interviews. While being interviewed by the network’s Steve Doocy in 2018, the musician pointed out how the U.S. is politically divided.”People need to calm down. Get a little less politically correct. And I would say, you know, love everybody. Except, screw that Joy Behar, b—.”

“You cannot say that. We apologize for that,” Doocy cuts off Kid Rock. The musician then replied, “I mean, lady.”

As Doocy explained that Behar has a different opinion from him, Kid Rock explained, “Exactly. Maybe I’ll go on and we’ll have it out and talk it out with her. Aside from joking, which I was, it’s just go out and have it out with people. Have your thoughts and ideas.”

Kid Rock continued his walk back by stating everyone should come together and talk it out. Because at the end of the day, we’re all Americans. However, while he claimed he was joking, Kid Rock said he apologized for the language he used, but not the sentiment. 

Behar responded to the comment by stating, “This b— and these b—es would be happy to have you on the show and have a beer.”