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Kid Rock Left Behind a Boat Load of His Stuff After Selling His Detroit Mansion: Take a Tour

by TK Sanders
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Outspoken musician Kid Rock doesn’t care what people think about him, and apparently doesn’t care about his old stuff, either. The singer and political lightning rod recently sold his 90-year-old Detroit mansion for about $2 million. Funny enough, though, he sold the house “as is,” which means he didn’t bother to take anything out that he owned.

Amy Trahey, the new owner, said she now owns a large collection of Kid Rock memorabilia including furnishings, bed sheets, towels, blinds, light fixtures, and even liquor bottles. All the personal junk that normally leaves with a new house stayed this time thanks to Kid Rock’s celebrity appeal.

Trahey, who wants to convert the house into a rentable venue of some sort, shared photos of the 6,000 square foot colonial pad with MLive. The house is just of six riverfront homes in the entire city. It’s located on Dwight Street down from the mayor’s residence, the Manoogian Mansion.

Trahey, who hails from Lansing, said she plans to make the home her primary residence; but also plans to keep the home in its current condition with just a few repairs. She says she wants to use it for events like weddings, birthday parties and charity and political fundraisers.

Kid Rock owned the ultimate Michigan entertainment pad

“It’s a way for me to make money to help pay for the maintenance of this property, which is significant,” Trahey said. “I think it’s also a great opportunity to share this space with others. People want to get married by the water. How great would it be to do it here, close to the city and airport?”

The house boasts all sorts of interesting Kid Rock touches throughout its many rooms. Numerous brass eagles, eagle lamps, and American flags adorn the walls and tables. Nearly every window blind sports a “Made in Detroit” logo. Kid Rock’s Badass beer logos also display in many rooms like a fraternity house. The dining room table even has Kid’s American Badass logo on it.

As far as entertaining, Kid Rock didn’t slouch there, either. Trahey’s new purchase comes with multiple bars, a large finished basement, recliners, TVs, a poker table from the Palms casino, restaurant booths, and plenty of bottles of Jim Beam.

The backyard of the house is beautiful, too. It features a large patio, seats from the old Tiger Stadium, a clocktower, and a boat house. Not to mention a rooftop patio, too. The home also gives views of Belle Isle and the Detroit Yacht Club, as well as Downtown Detroit in the distance.

“I feel like this is a special property. I love entertaining and this is an ideal spot to do it,” added Trahey. “This place has to be shared with people. It’s just epic. The boat house and views are breathtaking. Using it in winter might be more inside events, but the showcase is in the back. The river looks like a lake and it draws you in. You can’t wait to get outside and enjoy it.”