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Kid Rock’s New Album ‘Bad Reputation’ Features Song Co-Written by Morgan Wallen

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Following the release of Kid Rock’s latest album “Bad Reputation,” it was revealed that country music superstar Morgan Wallen actually co-wrote some of the tracks. 

The “Sand in My Boots” hitmaker teamed up with Kid Rock, Mitchell Tenpenny, Andrew Paul Albert, and Jordan Schmidt for the single “Still Somethin,’” according to Music Mayhem Magazine.

The single is about how rock ’n roll music played a major role in Kid Rock’s life. It also invokes some special emotions in the singer and songwriter to this day. A portion of the lyrics read, “There’s still something ‘bout a guitar cranked up/ Headbanging to the beat of the bass drum/ Still something ’bout a sold-out show/ In the second row with your girl on your shoulders/ Still something ’bout raising a cold beer/ When the lights go down and the crowd cheers/ From Delta Soul to Abbey Road/ Sweet Child to Sweet Home.”

Kid Rock released his “Bad Reputation” album at the end of March. Among the singles featured on the album is “Don’t Tell Me How To Live (Feat. Monster Truck),” “We The People,” “Ala-Fu**in’-Bama,” and “Am What I Am.”

Wallen and Kid Rock have been sending signals that a collab might be in the works. Earlier this year, Wallen treated fans to a surprise performance at Kid Rock’s Nashville bar. And, last year, Wallen made his return to the stage after a long hiatus, which was also at Kid Rock’s bar.

At the time, fans spoke about seeing both Kid Rock and Wallen at the bar. “We decided to run over and there was Kid on stage singing ‘Picture,’” one fan declared, according to Tennesseean. “We just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

The fan also said, “Everyone was just floored. Morgan really wanted to be playing his music for the people. Definitely could sense it. The overall feeling was tremendous.”

Kid Rock Opens Up About His New Album ‘Bad Reputation’

While chatting with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock opened up about “Bad Reputation” and his goals for the new album. “I just wanted to go back a little bit to my roots of the hard rock and hard rap. Heavier stuff. But I also wanted to throw in the tinges of southern rock and country music and soul music. And of course, rock and roll. All which I love so much and have really honed my craft over the years.”

Kid Rock also said that his music is not just influenced by one music genre. “But [it touches] on ‘em all and what my family and friends and fans feel like I do at a pretty good level.”

Kid Rock further spoke out about the album’s message and those who criticize it. “To my fans, I love you dearly. To you critics, haters, and trolls, go f— yourself.”