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Kid Rock Reminisces on 1995 Concert On This Day, ‘Hard Work Pays Off’

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Today, Kid Rock looks back before his superstardom to a time where he was still a kid scrapping for a record deal. On this day in 1995, he put on a concert at the State Theatre in Detroit. Now, 26 years later, he can look back and see the fruits of his years of labor. He shared the love with his fans on Twitter with a throwback picture of the concert poster.

“26 years ago tonight!” Kid Rock wrote on his Twitter post along with the picture of the concert poster. “Hard work pays! Thank you Detroit!”

Kid Rock does owe a lot of his career’s success to his time spent in Detroit. He had been milling around the city for the better part of a decade trying to make a name for himself in the Detroit rap scene. While that concert maybe didn’t mark his breakthrough show, it was a perfect example of how he could pull a Detroit crowd even before he reached national popularity.

The Kid Rock Story

Kid Rock is a difficult artist to pin down. Whether you know his music or not, you know the name Kid Rock. 25 years ago, however, that was simply not the case, at least for most Americans. In 1995, Kid Rock lived in Detroit, minding his time, growing his name, and mastering his unique, distinct sound.

25 years later, Kid Rock still remembers those years of growth. After his record label dropped him in 1991 due to an incident unrelated to him, he hit the drawing board. He set up in Detroit and hit the ground running. He spent those years cultivating his sound and creating his image. You know, the long hair, goatee, sunglasses – the look and sound of something that does not belong to any kind of genre of music.

After years and years of hard work and determination, Kid Rock released Devil Without a Cause in 1998. That album brought him the stardom he sought since starting his music career in the late 80s. From there, he distinguished himself from any other artists with his strange but successful mashup of hip-hop, rap, rock, country and even metal.