Kid Rock Says ‘Bad Reputation’ Tour Could ‘Very Well’ Be His Last

by Caitlin Berard

Performing in front of thousands of adoring fans delivers a high that no chemical can provide, and many artists get addicted. Take Steven Tyler, for example, whose iconic band, Aerosmith, is still touring, despite its members being in their 70s. Or the surviving members of The Beatles, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, who are both in their 80s – and both going on tour this summer.

Some musicians are so in love with touring that they do it until they die. Kid Rock, however, doesn’t subscribe to this way of thinking. Instead, the singer-songwriter who refuses to be tied to a specific genre is considering retirement at the youthful age of 51.

In a recent video posted to his Facebook page, Kid Rock announced his upcoming Bad Reputation tour. He also hinted, however, that it could be his last. When asked if Bad Reputation would be his final tour, he replied, “I’m not trying to sell tickets like, ‘Oh, this will be the last tour, better come out and see me,’ but it very well could be for the [foreseeable] future. At 51 years old, it’s not getting any easier to do those jumps and carryin’ on onstage.”

The 2022 tour is named after the upcoming album Bad Reputation, Kid Rock’s 11th studio album in his 30-year career. Speaking of his career, though the star has developed a bad reputation in recent years, he’s still a music legend.

The controversial star has been on the Billboard 200 chart nine times, including once in the No. 1 spot. He also holds the record for most tickets sold in Michigan with 150,000 for a run of 10 consecutive shows.

Kid Rock Tour Details

The tour kicks off in early April with a performance in the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana. Bad Reputation currently includes 25 dates across the eastern United States. However, there are large gaps between many of the performances. This leaves the possibility for more dates to be added in the future.

Unlike a typical tour, Kid Rock’s three supporting acts will be participating on different nights as opposed to all four acts appearing at every show. Keep that in mind if you plan to buy tickets!

For the first half of the tour, Kid Rock will perform with Grand Funk Railroad, who will appear in ten shows between April and June. However, GFR will give the stage to Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening for two dates in May. The second half of the tour features the iconic rock band, Foreigner. The British-American group will travel with Kid Rock from Texas to Michigan.

As the singer calls Detroit, Michigan, home, it’s no surprise that the tour ends with back-to-back performances in the Pine Knob Music Theatre in the nearby town of Clarkston.