Kid Rock Says He Wants to Grab Beers With Barack Obama

by Emily Morgan
: kid-rock-says-he-wants-grab-beers-with-barack-obama
Photo by: Kevin Mazur / Contributor

Kid Rock is ready to come across the aisle to have a beer with former President Obama. “I want to hang out with Obama and drink beer,” the “We the People” singer said during an episode of Bill Maher’s podcast “Club Random,” which dropped on Sunday.

He continued: “I mean, there’s not a cooler — all the presidents that I’ve, you know, [been] able to meet, from Jimmy Carter up. He can get down.” During the candid interview, the rocker revealed he would love to grab a cold one with the former commander-in-chief. “I want to drink beer with him.”

He continued: “I didn’t like a lot of his policies. I didn’t vote for him.” During the interview, the 51-year-old Michigan native recalled meeting Obama and Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, in 2009 after he performed at an inaugural ball.

However, when Obama invited him backstage after the performance, Kid Rock said the Secret Service kept him from bringing his teenage son to shake hands with him.

“[Obama’s] a big deal, you know? It was a big deal for me too.” He continued: “Michelle looked beautiful. Barack’s cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.”

However, he was still determined to get his son to shake hands with the country’s first black president.

“We say hello. [Obama’s] like, ‘Tell me what’s going on, Rock.’ I’m like, ‘I’ll tell you what’s going on. My son is sitting out the door, who’s mixed. His mother’s Black. I’m, like, kinda big deal, like, you know, if you’d like to say hi to him for a second.’”

“He’s like, ‘Sure, bring him in,’” Kid Rock said Obama told his security team.

Kid Rock remembers the late Loretta Lynn

Last month, Kid Rock, and so many others, mourned the passing of his friend, Loretta Lynn. She died at 90 on Tuesday, Oct. 4, and Rock is one of many to express their grief on social media.

“RIP Miss Loretta,” he wrote in his tribute at the time. “I find it very difficult to put your beautiful soul, talent, and friendship into words right now… so I will use the ones you said to me and so many others, so many times… ‘I love you honey’ Kid Rock.”

The two had been friends for years due to his relationship with Lynn’s son, Ernest Lynn, and his wife, Crystal. However, the two got even got married in 2020.

What started as a running gag for years later turned into something real. Although no one ever filed legal papers, the two underwent a somewhat legitimate ceremony.

In 2020, Ernest and Crystal hosted a vow renewal. It was an informal ceremony, which Rock officiated. After the renewal, Rock was going to perform, but then a real preacher walked out and offered to marry the two.

The pseudo couple happily agreed, and Lynn even wore a veil for the occasion. Both smiled and laughed through the ceremony. Later, Lynn posted about it on social media, joking, “Sorry girls, he’s taken now!”