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Kid Rock Sends ‘Love and Respect Forever’ to All the ‘Very Important’ Moms in His Life on Mother’s Day

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Well, this is a surprise. Kid Rock put out a very sincere message to all the moms out there for Mother’s Day yesterday and kept it PG. The musician is known for his profanity-laden rants and similar remarks. However, when it comes to moms, even Kid Rock can keep it clean and family-friendly.

In his post, the singer included a Tik Tok video. That doesn’t really seem to be his vibe, but that’s alright. So, check out the post below and see it for yourself.

“Happy Mothers Day Momma Rock! And also to all the other Mothers who have been so very important in my life and so many others, Love and respect forever. Bobby,” Rock signed off with his real name.

While Kid Rock can be gruff and rough around the edges at times, he knows when things gotta tone down. He isn’t trying to do anything to shock anyone, it just feels like he does what he wants and says what he thinks. Take it or leave it, that’s the M.O. for the singer.

In case you were wondering who those ladies in the Tik Tok were, they are the Sweet Tea Trio. A Nashville-based group that has been giving it a go at this music thing for years now. The three have a 2017, self-titled EP. And, they appear to have Rock’s endorsement. Which, contrary to what many may think, carries more weight than you realize.

The group has a new single that they released just for Mother’s Day called Love, Momma. Rock and a bunch of others folks are going to be sending that one to their momma’s, that’s for sure.

Kid Rock has Been All Over the Place Recently

It isn’t just the online world where Kid Rock makes headlines. He has been making sure to get around, out and about, and all of that in recent weeks. From his upcoming tour, which might be his last ever, to special appearances in sports and more.

At the end of April, Rock found his way to Talladega to catch some NASCAR action. He was with Ross Chastain in Victory Lane after the big win. Then, right after that, he was seen singing a cover of John Fogerty’s classic Joy of My Life. That was at Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky’s wedding of all places.

He stays busy it seems. The work he does on and off stage can go unlooked at times, but he keeps plugging away at it. What will Kid Rock be up to next? No one really knows.