Kid Rock Sends Message of Gratitude for Memorial Day, Encourages Fans to Watch Emotional Film About US Troops

by Halle Ames

Kid Rock takes to social media for Memorial Day to honor our veterans with an emotional movie choice. 

Many celebrities and social media users flooded into various platforms to thank our troops, past, present, and future, for their service to this country, especially those that gave the ultimate sacrifices. Country artist Kid Rock was one of the many that thanked our veterans.

But rather than give a quick line about Memorial Day, he linked a movie with the post. 

‘Taking Chance’

The film is from 2009 called Taking Chance. It recounts the emotional, true story of a Lieutenant and a deceased young Marine.  

According to Movie 20m and IMDb, the summary for Taking Chance is a touching one. 

 “April in 2004, with the rapidly increasing number of casualties of US troops in the Iraq war, US Marine Colonel Michael Strobl was living everyday life in self-doubts with the fact that his young soldiers are operating in a dangerous war and he is working for analyzing strategies in his safe home country. After he saw a 19-year old soldier’s name, Chance Phelps, on the casualty list who had the same hometown as Michael himself, he volunteered a mission to retrieve Chance’s body to his family.”

The film was based on a real story that was put in a newspaper by Colonel Michael Strobl, a US Marine who was in charge of getting the body back to their hometown of Dubois, Wyoming.

Kid Rock Recommends ‘Family’ Movie

Kid Rock’s tweet highlights the movie, calling it one for the “family”. He also links the nearly nine-minute trailer for the moving film. 

“Great movie to watch with your family this Memorial Day. Thank you again to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Kid Rock.”

Kid Rock’s Twitter followers commented on the post, saying how powerful the film is. 

“Great movie. You need a box of Kleenex when you watch it,” states one fan.

Another user reveals the authenticity of Taking Chance

“Experienced the transport of fallen soldiers on my plane several times. It is a very moving experience, especially the family standing on the tarmac to receive their loved one that has passed. The movie portrayed it well. Thank you to all that gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

Kevin Bacon beautifully portrays US Marine Colonel Michael Strobl in the tear-jerking movie that exhibits just how much our military is willing to sacrifice for us. In the case of 19-year-old Chance Phelps, it was everything.  

If you have the chance, take a look at the trailer. We promise it will change your perspective on your day. Happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for all that you do.