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Kid Rock vs. Bruce Springsteen: The Internet Is Having a Full-On Debate About Whose Music Is Better

by TK Sanders
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

The internet loves nothing more than a spirited debate, and today is no different as the world of Twitter colorfully argues the merits of Kid Rock versus Bruce Springsteen.

User Kelly Kay posed the harmless, if not slightly random question yesterday without prejudice.

But true to form, the opinionated Tweeters of the world descended with passion and fury, defending their choices to the cyber-death and making sure any dissenters felt their disdain.

Even though country rocker Kid Rock and “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen hail from very different eras and produce very different sounds, the debate became polarizing; even political to some. Kid Rock came up through the Detroit underground hip hop scene before rising to prominence as a crossover talent with enough swagger to fill an entire stadium. Springsteen hails from New Jersey, where his dedicated legions of fans love him like a prodigal son for his tireless work ethic and show-stopping mystique.

Quite honestly, both artists probably share more similarities than differences when it comes to their music. But when pitted against each other? A vote for one suddenly becomes an outright theological rejection of the other to many rock and roll fans.

Twitter user Crazy Craig is a product of the Springsteen generation, but will take Kid Rock any day.

Fellow baby boomer Tuck O’Grady agrees.

Springsteen garnered plenty of positive votes, though, in his own right. Many “Boss” fans tried to make fun of Kid Rock fans for even posing the question at all; as if the debate never should have existed in the first place.

User Pretty Gonzo tweeted “this has to be more of a political question than a musical one, as musically there’s nothing to compare. In other words, no contest: Springsteen.”

Soul II Soul says something similar.

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Even if you prefer Bruce Springsteen’s music, Kid Rock will happily welcome you to his upcoming ‘Best of America’ tour

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock gave some thoughts about his upcoming tour and the types of people he encounters on the road.

“You’re about to head out on the road, and I know our [Fox] guys will be with you as you do, so what do you expect to find as you emerge from your world into broader America?” Carlson asked in the interview.

“Oh, I expect to see the best of America,” Kid Rock replied. “We always do. At the places I show up to and do what I do, I try to entertain people to the best of my ability. We always see fun, hard-working, beer-drinking people. You know, the 40-hour-per-week people who work so hard then spend their money to come see me.

“We put everything we’ve got into it, you know? I’m sure everybody does, but I think we get the best of everything that America has to offer at my shows.”