Kid Rock’s Tour Mate Jeff Pilson Tells Foreigner Fans ‘We’re Not Letting Politics Get in the Way’

by Jonathan Howard

Can Kid Rock tour without politics? His tour mate Jeff Pilson of Foreigner is telling his fans to not worry about all of that.

Now, Kid Rock isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He’s more of a tallboy of beer with a shot of whiskey. Not one size fits all. However, one thing that is often forgotten amid some of the controversies, he has real musical talent. Those first two albums, Devil Without a Cause and Cocky are wonderful. Revolutionary in many ways and influential on a number of artists who mix genres.

Despite his talent, oftentimes Rock can let his opinions cloud the opinions of folks that might otherwise like his non-political music. Not to mention that the singer has crazy chemistry with his band and they are able to rock any stage anywhere they go.

Pilson is really hoping that fans will put all of that aside and come out for some great music and fun. He says that Kid Rock can tour sans politics.

“If it’s musically oriented, well, I would say, ‘Listen to Kid Rock – he’s a great artist,'” Pilson said for fans weary of Rock’s politics. “I mean, yes, he’s a rapper and maybe some people don’t like rapping, but there are definitely songs in there as well. And his band is great, and the audience is very enthusiastic. It makes for a great show. So I would say there’s absolutely no reason to not come out.”

Kid Rock tours often, politics don’t have to be part of his act. He has enough talent to get through shows without it. If there is an understanding between Rock and Foreigner, then surely things won’t get out of hand. Pilson remains optimistic.

Kid Rock Tour: No Politics and ‘Making it a Great Rock Show’

When the tour starts, it will show if Pilson’s optimism was well placed. Right now, he seems pretty confident that Kid Rock is going to get on stage and bring great shows. Foreigner fans are going to have to make their own judgments at the end of the day, though.

“If you’re politically against Kid Rock, I guess that’s one thing. But hey, listen: We’re not letting politics get in the way. We’re all getting up there on very friendly terms and just making it a great rock show.”

The Kid Rock tour without politics… can it be done? He’s a real talent and has a great number of fans that will come out to watch him. Will it mesh with the fanbase of other acts on the tour like Grand Funk Railroad, Jason Bonham’s Led Zepplin Evening, and Trey Lewis? Those aren’t very political bands, so things should stay fairly neutral at the shows.