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Kip Moore Reveals How Surfing Taps Into ‘Childhood Joy’ Unlike Any Other Outdoor Activity

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Kip Moore got incredibly personal during his recent discussion with Marty Smith in the latest episode of The Road You Leave Behind podcast.

Moore doesn’t shy away from any difficult topics. He’s frank and honest while speaking to his old friend Smith. It’s a refreshing change from the studio-managed interviews you normally get from Nashville. Moore discusses his struggles to release an album during the pandemic, writing a song about his father’s death. And he explores the hardships he endured working for 8 years before landing a record deal.

But he also talks about trying to find happiness and a sense of peace in his life. And one place he’s found that is surfing. He only took up the activity three years ago, but he said it’s unlocked something inside him he had been chasing for decades.

Kip Moore: ‘I’m Completely Present’ the Entire Time

Kip Moore was a late-in-life convert to surfing. And when Marty Smith asks what brought him to the sport, Moore gets philosophical.

Mostly, he said, surfing reconnects him with that feeling of unchecked happiness that most of us lose as teenagers. The ability that children have to turn themselves over fully to something and experience total freedom and joy. Moore said he feels that again whenever he’s on a surfboard.

“I’ve done you know rock climbing. It’s dangerous, it’s an adrenaline rush, it’s amazing you know, and all the other sports … like those things are all great, but there is a thing that happens with surfing,” Moore said. “I can remember three or four years ago. I’m still new to the surfing game…But I can remember getting on this really big set that was pretty much the wave of the day. This really epic break in Maui and I can remember sunset, and I’m by myself out there. And I catch this thing, and then I’m riding it from the point to the cave. It’s a really long ride, but I’m present the whole time on that ride.”

“I’m completely present. I can feel all my movements, and what I’ve tapped into at that moment when I rode off the back of that wave, is that childlike spirit that you can try and try to grab a hold of it you can’t quite grab it, and I have that every time I go out. But in that moment I was aware of it, and why I do it. … For me to get the chance to tap into that what is more powerful than. What is more of a reason to live than that?”

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