Kip Moore Speaks on the Role Sports Played in His Music Career: ‘Always Been Able to Take the Hits’

by Kayla Zadel

Kip Moore knows a thing or two about taking hits. On his road to becoming a country superstar, Moore had to grind for every inch of success. He worked for years and years before landing his first recording contract, and part of what helped him craft that fighter’s mentality is his past as an athlete.

“It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about hard you can get hit and keep going,” Rocky Balboa famously states. Not only do these words apply to boxing, but everyday life.

Moore is one of those people that understand this life lesson. He took who he was, and turned it into who he wanted to become. Kip Moore embodies the spirit to persevere during the hard times and took his past experiences to propel him to where he ultimately wanted to be.

Kip Moore Rolls with the Punches

In the latest episode of Outsider’s “The Road You Leave Behind with Marty Smith,” Kip Moore sat down with Smith and divulges how his past prepared him for the future.

“I have always been able to take the hits and keep going,” Moore proclaims to Smith. “I don’t get in my feelings too much. If somebody’s telling me that I’m singing like a dog right now… I don’t take it personal.”

Moore developed a thick skin over the years, not only from playing sports but also from being in the oftentimes, cutthroat music industry.

“Even from the resiliency of sports, the ups and downs through sports and what it teaches you, you know I think that it had a big part with me just keeping my head down when I got here and just pushing and pushing and pushing until I knew that I was going to get through that wall at some point,” Moore continues.

Kip Moore’s success didn’t come overnight. It took hard work and determination to turn his dreams into reality. “I just had to stay in that fight, and I think that so much of that goes back to sports.”

Moore Changes Team Approach

The “Last Shot” singer shares that he learned fundamental leadership skills from playing basketball and golf during his youth. Additionally, Moore explains how he had to change up his strategy when he pivoted from one team atmosphere to the next.

“Now I had to learn to not be so harsh as I was when I was a player,” Moore explains. “I had to learn a different strategy in that sense and learning my team.”

Additionally, Moore had to learn that resorting to anger doesn’t always solve problems. It’s communication that ultimately works when dealing with a team.

“You might not react to something the same way I do and that’s okay. Let’s talk about it instead of me just getting really mad that you didn’t react how I reacted,” Moore tells Smith. “I’ve had to learn to approach that from a different angle.”

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