Kip Moore on the Tenacity it Takes to Wait Over 8 Years Before Record Deal: ‘Never Had a Plan B’

by Matthew Wilson

Kip Moore has faced his fair share of trials and tribulations. The singer-songwriter spent nearly a decade of his life pursuing his dream, not sure if he’d even make it.

It takes a special kind of crazy to stay in the game for that long. Moore is the first to admit it. During the latest episode of Outsider’s “The Road You Leave Behind with Marty Smith,” Moore got candid about the struggles that he faced before his career took off. For the songwriter, there was never a Plan B or back up to the dream. Moore was either going to make it out in Nashville, or he was going to spend the rest of his life trying to.

For some, that may sound like crazy talk. Many people eventually settle into jobs or employment other than the ones they once imagined themselves in. Many people eventually give up on dreams. Because, dreams are difficult, they’re not foolproof, and they can take a lot of time. But sometimes, like in Moore’s case, they do pay off.

If you want to accomplish your goals, you have to be determined.

“You do have to have a little bit of crazy in you. You got to have a resilient backbone,” Moore said. “I have never been good with the word no.”

Kip Moore’s Tips for Success

You also have to be willing to go all in. Moore found a way to devote most of his time to his craft. Depending on your goal or dream, that may take different forms or strategies. For Moore, it involved taking jobs at night or on the weekend so he could devote the week to songwriting. He wasn’t trying to make a career because his career was music.

“Everything I did was just about getting by,” Moore said. “I was never trying to make a pile of cash doing something besides music. Because I knew that music needed all of my focus. So I sacrificed everything in that sense to, as good as I could, perfect my craft.”

Another thing Moore did to pursue his dream was downsizing. Sometimes you have to sacrifice immediate comforts for long-term goals. The songwriter spent almost a decade living in a small apartment because it was cheap and affordable. Having fewer bills and expenses meant he could work less and spend more time on songwriting.

But the biggest key to success is believing in yourself. It may sound cliché. But he is proof that you have to believe in yourself when no one else does.

“You have to have almost a delusional faith in yourself. You have to believe in yourself at all costs when no one else is because believe me nobody did for a while,” Moore said. “Every day I needed to find some kind of nugget to keep my feet moving forward. I wanted to quit a million times.”

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