KISS Frontman Paul Stanley Auctioning Historic Custom Chevy Corvette

by Suzanne Halliburton

KISS co-founder Paul Stanley doesn’t think he’s worthy of this special sparkling red Corvette. That’s why he’s auctioning off the sports car with VIN number 001.

Chevy built this Corvette especially for Stanley, who has had a long love affair with this most All American of sports cars. He began working for the design team in 2013 when the president of the company asked him for ideas on the 2015 Stingray. Stanley suggested the perfect shade of red for the 2015 model.

The metallic red color of the 2022 model is close to that shade. The interior is saddle and the wheels are pewter.

So why is Stanley selling this gorgeous car? He said he can’t “do it justice.”

“I want to make it available to somebody who might be able to get more out of it,” Paul Stanley said of this special corvette. “Whether it’s to add to a collection or to drive it.”

Barrett-Jackson will sell the car at its Las Vegas auction at its event from June 30 through July 2. The winning bidder gets the Corvette plus an Ibanez PS120 Paul Stanley Signature guitar.

Can you see yourself behind the wheel of this oh-so-sweet ride?

This Paul Stanley Corvette Likely to Command Big Price

Here are some Corvette details. Chevy made about 26,000 of the cars for 2021. They featured a dozen different colors. The most popular shade was Torch Red at 5,171 cars, followed by Arctic White at 3,769, then Red Mist with 3,476. Black came in next at 2,818 cars, followed by Rapid Blue at 2,384 orders. The least popular colors were Accelerate Yellow with 839 cars and Zeus Bronze at 509. But let’s face it. We’d drive any color if someone gifted us a Corvette, right?

If you wanted to buy a similar Paul Stanley Corvette, albeit with a higher Vin number, it’ll cost you more than $113,000 at the dealership. Earlier this month, NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick offered the winning bid of $1 million to buy the first retail 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 convertible. As we said, we’re talking big bucks for this beautiful car.

Stanley already has at least one Corvette in his garage. It’s a 2020 model. He showed it off on Instagram when he bought it. Stanley wrote of his car:

“For years the auto industry said “Buy American.” I said “When you manufacture world class cars I’ll buy them.” For me the 2020 Corvette C8 is beyond that. It raises the bar with cutting edge technology. It’s a machine I’m proud to drive AND it’s drop dead GORGEOUS. I LOVE mine!”

Remember we said that Paul Stanley had a long-time love for a Corvette? Back in 1977, when he was first banking checks from KISS, his first new car purchase was a Corvette. You always remember your first love.

Stanley and KISS are in midst of an international farewell tour. Earlier Saturday, the KISS co-founder was tweeting from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They’ll stick around the United States for most of May before heading to Europe in June.