Koe Wetzel Debuts New Unreleased Song at South Carolina Concert

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Getty Images)

Koe Wetzel has done it again, and by “it” I mean played an unreleased song during his tour. He released “Sellout” in 2020, and has been on tour and in the studio recording a new album recently. But, he seems to be in the habit of playing as yet unknown songs at his shows. He did it in St. Louis, Missouri with a new song that he introduced as “I Once Had Sex With An Armadillo But Then Thought Twice About It Because Armadillos Can Carry Leprosy And I Don’t Want Leprosy.”

Most likely, the song is either called “April Showers” or “We Don’t Talk Like We Used To.” It’s Wetzel’s usual brand of y’all-ternative, with strong electric guitar moments and a soulful chorus. Could this be something off of his new album? We hope so. As long as the title is not really about armadillos.

Wetzel was recently in Columbia, South Carolina on tour, splitting his time between that and recording in El Paso, Texas. He elaborated on the style of his next album on Twitter, since fans have been speculating that this newest project is the full-blown country album Wetzel has spoken about in the past.

“This new record isn’t country music, nor my dive into country music,” he wrote in January. “It’s a buffet of complete opposite genres of music decided by whatever genre the internet wants to put it in. Have a blast.” He followed that up with another tweet that read, “So basically, it’s the same music I’ve been putting out for the last 6 years.”

So, it seems like his new album will be more of what we love from Koe Wetzel. A little bit of country, and a lot of alternative, punk, and grunge influences.

Koe Wetzel Plans to Team Up with Snoop Dogg for 4/20 Concert

Snoop Dogg is a legend in his own right, and he’s made even more legendary with the addition of his annual 4/20 concerts. This year, though, Koe Wetzel is joining him in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 20.

Nebraska is an interesting choice for a 4/20 concert, as the state has not yet legalized marijuana. In past years, Snoop Dogg has limited his concerts to venues in places where cannabis is legal; he’s known as a big advocate for the drug, after all, you’d think he’d stick to legal states.

But, it’s sure to be a fun time either way. With the addition of Koe Wetzel’s grunge and hip hop-influenced sound, the concert is definitely going to be interesting. Possible he’ll have more unreleased songs to perform, but that’s ultimately up to Wetzel. In any case, this is a team-up fans will definitely not want to miss.