Koe Wetzel Stands Out Among Star-Studded Lineup of Post Malone’s Festival ‘Posty Fest’

by Jonathan Howard

Post Malone’s Posty Fest is heading for its third annual show. Koe Wetzel will play in the hip-hop heavy lineup on Halloween weekend. Hosted in the Dallas area every year, this year’s festival will be outside. With stages being set up outside AT&T Stadium, fans will have an open-air environment.

Among the lineup, Wetzel is an outlier. There will mostly be hip-hop, rap, and R&B artists at the event. Post Malone himself is a bit of a genre-bender. While he has built a career off of hip-hop music, he has always had influence from rock and country. He has recorded a number of cover songs in both genres. One of his earliest viral videos included a cover of a Bob Dylan classic.

While Koe Wetzel isn’t the only outlier act, death metal band Gatecreeper comes to mind, he is the only big-name country act. This is the third time this event has occurred. However, this will be the first Posty Fest since 2019. Of course, Bud Light is a sponsor for the event. They follow Post Malone everywhere and vice versa it seems. The event is quickly selling out.

In 2020, Wetzel released his album Sellout and this year has been promoting it out on the road. With his performance at Posty Fest, he will be able to reach an audience that may not listen to his music regularly. Although he is an outlier as far as genre is concerned, his music fits well within that Post Malone sphere. Some of the biggest stars in music will be there as well including Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Uzi Vert, and Louisville, KY native Jack Harlow.

When the Koe Wetzel isn’t gearing up to play festivals and shows, he goes gator hunting in Texas. Earlier this week, he shared some great photos.

Koe Wetzel: Gator Hunter

Over on his Instagram page, Koe Wetzel showed off a great catch. Down in Matagorda, Texas, he appeared to have caught a good-sized gator. While it wasn’t a monster 12-footer, it looked mean as hell and dangerous. In the post, he shared some comments on the whole thing.

“Got to grab ahold and knife my first gator this weekend. Whiskey was drank, memories were made and got to hang out with some good ass folks.”

The photos were astonishing and showed the country star in the muck of the swamps taking down his first gator. Also, in one photo, you can see his gold Rolex. Gotta have some style when taking down a 7-foot dinosaur. There were a lot of comments in the replies to the post as well. The comments ranged from congratulations to a few requests for boots or some gator meat. Check it out here.