Koe Wetzel Performs Unreleased Song as His Tour Kicks Off in Missouri

by Jonathan Howard

If you ever find yourself seeing Koe Wetzel on tour, you might hear a new tune or two like the crowd in St. Louis recently. Wetzel has some big plans for 2022. A big tour, a couple of shows with Snoop Dogg, and apparently some new music around the corner.

If you’re a big Wetzel fan, then this is going to get you excited. A little live performance of a new song from the country singer. His last album, Sellout, came out in 2020 and since then, fans have been dying for some new music from the artist. Luckily, a fan captured the new song We Don’t Talk Like We Used To when Wetzel played it in St. Louis.

So, check out the video below and see it for yourself.

This new song has that Koe Wetzel sound that his fans are expecting. It’s a bit of a love song, with some electric guitar and a steady drumbeat behind it. It does include a breakdown around the two-minute mark of the video that is nice and heavy so you can really get into the music.

If this touring season goes the way that Wetzel plans it to go, then it will be the year of Koe. He has new music, a lot of tour dates, and a big collaboration planned in Nebraska with one of the biggest names in music. We Don’t Talk Like We Used To was a hit with the crowd in St. Louis.

That’s one thing about Koe Wetzel, he is going to bring energy on tour. If he’s playing live, then the crowd is going to be live. And, when he teams up with one of hip hop’s biggest acts later this year, fans are going to be truly entertained.

Koe Wetzel Tour Teams Up with Snoop Dogg in Nebraska for 4/20

Throughout the month of March Koe Wetzel’s tour is going to be heading around the country. He is a bit of a party guy. Someone that you know can throw back a couple of beers and have a good time. So, it makes sense that he’s going to team up with Snoop Dogg in Nebraska on 4/20 for a huge show.

Snoop Dogg is the King of 4/20. Each year he puts on big shows around that time of year. It is going to be a bit hazy as far as the details go… but just know that Snoop and Wetzel will be taking the stage. Also, just know that Wetzel officially earned “nephew” status from the Death Row rapper himself.