Koe Wetzel Takes Down Monster Gator, Shows It Off in Wild Photos

by Jon D. B.
Alligator hunt in Florida (Photo by Illustré/RDB/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Not a Koe Wetzel fan on the planet is surprised that this man took down a gator. But if it doesn’t become a song, we riot.

Ladies and gentlemen and Koe Wetzel fans, it’s core gator season down in the Lone Star State. From Swamp People‘s T-Roy Broussard to the “Noise Complaint” mastermind, hunters are taking to Texas to bag themselves a behemoth. By the looks of Wetzel’s Tuesday update to his official Instagram, he’s done just that.

“Got to grab ahold and knife my first gator this weekend,” Wetzel captions. “Whiskey was drank, memories were made and got to hang out with some good ass folks.”

Well, to be fair, Wetzel’s gator looks to be a mid-sized beast. By the length of that maw, I’d wager he’s harvested himself a really beautiful 7-footer.

For context, check out the near-12-foot alligator Swamp People’s Troy Broussard brought in over the weekend during Texas’ core season. He’s a beast.

Yet Koe Wetzel fans and fellow country stars are less focused on the gator and far more on that fine gold Rolex. Not sure what we’re talking about? Be sure to also flip over to the second photo of his Instagram post above.

“Steve Irwin ain’t got s*** on that Rolex,” says indie country artist Chris Colston.

First off, never disrespect Steve Irwin. Ever. Wetzel is grunge to his core but would never – ever think of doing such a thing. Or, as fan Wyatt perfectly replies to Colston: “I love Koe but I can’t believe you would disrespect Khaki Jesus like that.”

Thank you, Wyatt, for saying what we’re all thinking. Shame on you, Chris Colston.

Koe Wetzel’s Matagorda, Texas Gator Brings the Celebs Out

Other country stars, like the “Gold Chain Cowboy” himself, Parker McCollum, have much more apt comments to add. “Gator tails all around,” McCollum replies.

“New boot goofin,'” responds Kolby Cooper, not to be confused with Cooper Davis, who leaves a “Later Gator!”

Outsider favorite Whiskey Myers sends a “Get ya some!” Wetzel’s way. And Dallas legend Troy Aikman himself also drops a comment for Koe Wetzel with: “bad ass” followed by the classic gator emoji.

Elsewhere in Texas’ core gator season, however, the Swamp People vets are dominating the game.

“Mess with the best, get tagged like the rest!” Swamp People‘s T-Roy Broussard himself says a he’s off to one hell of a start! His days on the hit History Channel show may be behind him, but Troy Broussard will be a gator hunter ’til he’s cold in the ground.

Check out his first three days worth of gator harvests with us right here on Outsider, and stick around for all things in-between Swamp People and Koe Wetzel.