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Lady A Announces Virtual Show, Still Facing Backlash Over Name Change

by Jennifer Shea
Trae Patton/NBC

The artists formerly known as Lady Antebellum have announced a new show, this one virtual thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Excited for this show!” the band tweeted. “It may not be a typical event, but glad we’re still able to make a difference for @bgccollincountry.”

Lady A or Lady Antebellum?

But the country group has gotten more attention lately for the furor over its name change than it has for making a difference. 

The band decided to drop the ‘Antebellum’ this June over concerns that the name sounded like a hat tip to the pre-Civil War South. So they went with Lady A instead. There was just one problem: another artist was already using that name.

Now the band is suing that singer, Lady A, a blues musician in Seattle. They say they own the federal trademarks to the name. They want a court to uphold their right to use it – in effect, allowing both them and Lady A to coexist. 

Twitter backlash

Still, many tweeps don’t seem to see it the band’s way. When the group launched their Lady A Playlist on iHeart Radio, they announced it on Twitter.

That tweet drew a smattering of replies about @TheRealLadyA – the blues singer who had demanded $10 million from them for the use of the name. 

“Still haven’t forgotten you’re stealing from a black woman,” Twitter user Pearl replied. “Give her name back already.”

Twitter user Bob Hamilton III wasn’t letting it go. “Hey, are y’all still suing that black lady so you steal her name?” he asked.

The band got hit from both sides of the political spectrum. Some tweeps denounced the name change not on Lady A’s behalf, but on the grounds that there was nothing wrong with their original name. 

Some tweeps, however, seemed totally oblivious to all the outrage. “YAY now I have a playlist to train with for the Nashville marathon!” Twitter user JennaSSummer replied.