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Lainey Wilson’s Parents Once Had Hilarious Encounter With Miranda Lambert

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Lainey Wilson has already grown accustomed to being a major overnight country star. But having a famous daughter is still surreal to her parents. And they prove that every time they’re around Wilson’s new friends.

The singer jumped on everyone’s radar last year when she dropped her single Things a Man Oughta Know and it soared to number one on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart. And now she’s reigning over the awards circuit.

Just last week at the ACM awards, Wilson took home a trophy for New Female Artist of the Year and another for Song of the Year. And as you’d expect, she’s made some big named friends along the way.

One of Lainey Wilson’s closest friends is Miranda Lambert, a.k.a, the ACM Entertainer of the Year. And while hanging out with the superstar seems normal for Wilson, her parents are absolutely star-struck every time they see the ladies together.

During a chat with Taste of Country, Lainey Wilson explained that her parents’ love for Lambert can be a little embarrassing

One particular mortifying instance happened not that long ago, too. After the CMAs Lambert invited the entire Wilson family to her Casa Rosa restaurant in downtown Nashville. And Wilson’s father just couldn’t contain his excitement.

“He just like walked up straight to her and hugged her by the neck and is like, ‘Can you get our picture?'” Wilson shared. “And I’m like, ‘Can you be cool?'”

Lainey Wilson Parents Are her Number One Fans

But despite their overenthusiasm, Lainey Wilson still recognized how important her parents have been during her climb to the top. And they’re the people she wants to celebrate with when she scores big on the country charts or wins big at awards shows. In fact, they were the very first people she called after the ACMs.

That’s because they did everything in their power to ensure that Lainey Wilson because a household name amongst country music fans.

“Any little singing competition around the house, or whatever my mama would take me to, my daddy would pay for us to get there,” she shared. “Helped me buy my camper trailer whenever I moved to Nashville in 2011. Before anybody else thought I could do it, they did.”

Nonetheless, they’re banned from all red carpet events until they start to control themselves around Wilson’s fellow singers.

“They’re gonna need to learn how to act before they do that,” she laughed.