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Lane Kiffin Can’t Wait for Riley Green’s Saturday Night Performance at Ole Miss: ‘If You Build It They Will Come’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

As a country music fan, Lane Kiffin is more than ready for the Ole Miss concert tonight with Riley Green and a few other artists. We know that the Rebels football coach is a fan of Morgan Wallen. So, it makes sense that he’d be a big Green fan as well. Tonight, the show gets going at the university’s The Grove. A large tailgating area that has been host to more than a few good parties and shows.

Things like this are great for Kiffin because, as a fan and the head football coach, he probably gets some special access of some kind. And, any time you bring a big name like Green to town, there’s a chance you can use it to help out in recruiting. Win-win as far as the football coach is concerned.

“[Let’s fu**ing go]. If you build it they will come,” Kiffin wrote in his tweet. The picture is a flyer showing the time and location as well as the other acts that will be playing for the night.

You know, if Lane Kiffin needed another quarterback at Ole Miss, he could check if Riley Green has a year of eligibility left. The country music singer suited up for Jacksonville State back in the day. He worked his way up from the bench to starter. At the very least, these two are likely going to talk some football if they get the chance.

Now, some Ole Miss fans might not be too happy about the musical selection for the night. Green is an Alabama man through and through. That includes cheering for the Crimson Tide. Kiffin is a former staff member at Bama. Rivalries and team loyalties aside, this should be a fun show and a cool night to be out in Oxford, Mississippi.

Lane Kiffin Hyped About Riley Green Performance, Morgan Wallen Song

If you’re into the same music as Lane Kiffin, then things are going pretty well for you as well. He isn’t just excited that Green is coming to his university. The football coach was very hyped that Morgan Wallen dropped a new song the other day. We’ve already seen Kiffin blasting Wallen’s music at practice, so it isn’t any surprise that he would be excited about the new track.

Don’t Think Jesus came out and energized the Wallen fanbase. So, that song is going to be playing during practices moving forward. Hope the Rebels team has gotten used to hearing country tunes. Kiffin is all about maintaining his image as the cool coach, the young guy who understands the youth and pop culture. His interest in Wallen and Green show that he has broad interests from street fashion to hip hop and country music. A little something for everyone.