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Late Country Star John Prine’s Widow Says Husband Died on Donald Trump’s Watch

by Outsider
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Country singer John Prine’s widow Fiona Whelan Prine called President Donald Trump an “idiot.” She believes he’s at least partially responsible for Prine’s coronavirus-related death.

“Can someone get that f*****g idiot off the stage,” Prine’s wife tweeted while watching the presidential debate. “My husband died on his watch.”

John Prine fans came to her defense to give her words of support, while some criticized her. Users claimed Fiona’s rants were “tainting [Prine’s] legacy”.

Prine previously passed away in April 2020 after being hospitalized with COVID-19 in March. He died from complications related to the virus. Fiona also tested positive in March, but it didn’t seem to hit her as hard at the time. She ended up surviving the illness, while her husband passed while still fighting it off, leaving much of the country music world heartbroken.

“You have not truly listened to his body of work if you think that John had anything but disdain for the modern Republican Party and all they represent,” Prine replied. “Trump is the ultimate manifestation of their self-serving hypocrisy.” The debate did not go very well if the massive social media backlash following its run was any indication. It seems that neither side had a leg up on each other. Prine’s widow found a lull to reply with her disdain with Trump.

John Prine’s legacy lives on through his music. Though the star is no longer with us, he left a legacy of country-folk hits behind for fans to enjoy. Songs like “Sam Stone” and “Angel from Montgomery” cement him as a veritable star within the country music cosmos.

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