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Lead Singer of ’90s Country Band Suffers Broken Back in ‘Freak Accident’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

The frontman of the ’90s country and southern rock band, Confederate Railroad, revealed that he recently suffered a broken back. On Facebook, the band shared the news about their lead singer, Danny Shirley, explaining the details about the accident.

 According to the social media post, his injury required him to be “heavily medicated.” However, the post didn’t include specifics on how the injury occurred besides referring to it as “a freak accident” that happened at his home in March.

“He is currently heavily medicated & under Dr’s care. On a good note, there is no paralysis & the Doctor is optimistic,” the statement read. “Updates to follow. Danny is not able to answer phone calls at this time and requests privacy as he heals. Prayers are very much appreciated.” 

On April 9, Confederate Railroad shared an update: “He has certainly came a long way in such a short time, but he is doing a little bit of what he loves to do! Thank you all so much for all the prayers because this is a true blessing for him to be doing this well.”

The post also included a photo of the singer, showing him in a back brace of some kind, although it hasn’t kept him from playing the guitar. The band has several concert dates listed, which prompted questions from fans concerned about whether or not Shirley could make them. In the comments section of the post, a fan asked, “How in the world is Danny able to be back on stage this soon after his accident?!”

Confederate Railroad Continues Touring Despite Accident

Shirley replied to the fan directly and explained that he would try his best not to miss any upcoming performances. “I’ll probably be on a stool but, I feel like I’ll be okay,” he replied. “Plus I’m gonna try not to dance too much!” On another post, a fans asked if Shirley will “make it” to the respective concert, and the band responded, “Yes he will!!!”

Shirley co-founded Confederate Railroad in the late ’80s. They started as a backing band for outlaw country acts such as David Allan Coe and Johnny Paycheck until getting their record deal. In the ’90s, they hit their stride, releasing hit songs such as “Jesus and Mama,” “Queen of Memphis,” and “Daddy Never Was the Cadillac Kind.” Confederate Railroad has released six studio albums. Additionally, 18 of their singles have entered the Billboard “Hot Country Songs” charts. The band released their last studio album, Lucky to Be Alive, in 2016.