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LeAnn Rimes Announces ‘First Chant Record’ Set To Release This Week

by Madison Miller
Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

LeAnn Rimes is coming out with a new chant this week.

The singer has gained traction for her new brand of candles, her personal blog and the chants she performs on Instagram.

This time, however, she is set to release an entire album of her chants. The album, “CHANT: The Human & The Holy” is coming out on Friday, Nov. 20.

Country and Candle Artist

For the past year, Rimes has been creating chants. She then recites and records these chants during the final process of creating and distributing her candles. Her candles can be purchased at this site.

Fans now have the opportunity to get the singer as more than just a singer, but as an entire being.

“I started this blog because I wanted to connect with like-hearted souls on a deeper level and in a way that was different from, yet an expansion of the connection I have to you through my music. Social media has always been a place for us to connect, but I needed something that was outside of any algorithm and felt more grounded, authentic, and safe, for both you and me. What started as posting quotes on a chalkboard has turned into something so much bigger than I could ever have imagined,” Rimes wrote on her personal site.

Her candles, the two most recent being “Be Still And Know” and “Holy Hallelujah” are the newest of her frequency candles. The “Be Still And Know” candle infuses Granny Smith apples, black pepper, and smoke into one coherent scent.

LeAnn Rimes ‘LovE’ for Music

“With that intent, I have encoded my voice, intention, and love for you into molten wax to create these candles. Which when lit, releases into the very air you breathe. While the candles were solidifying, I personally chanted over them and a recording of the chant, which was recorded at 528 hz, the frequency widely known as the ‘LovE frequency’ which is intrinsically tied to everything in creation and scientifically proven to heal DNA and promote a sense of freedom, LovE and peace continued playing throughout the drying process,” Rimes said under her candles’ product description.

She now addresses her fans on social media and blog posts as her “LovEs,” a direct nod to her passion for creating soul-healing candles. Even more than the candle, it expresses her desire to truly connect with people.

Rimes had what some consider a shorter career in country music. Her biggest hit, “Can’t Fight the Moonlight,” appears on the “Coyote Ugly” soundtrack. This certified platinum song brought her a whole new audience.

She will be on Home & Family TV on the Hallmark channel today to talk about the new album.

Recently, it seems like Rimes has taken a step back from the limelight. As more than just an artist, Rimes has been inspiring people to be more open and more honest.

“It’s ok to not be liked. It’s ok to not be Loved,” LeAnn Rimes wrote on Instagram.