LeAnn Rimes Poses with Husband Eddie Cibrian While Celebrating 39th Birthday

by Jonathan Howard

Over the weekend, country music star LeAnn Rimes celebrated her 39th birthday. It has been 25 years since she first burst on the scene as a 13-year-old singer. Ever since then, she has built quite a career and life for herself. While celebrating her birthday, Rimes shared a photo with her husband Eddie Cibrian.

“Naps and Walks [sic] with you are my favorite,” the post read with a heart-eyes emoji. Things seem to be going great at the Rimes-Cibrian household. When you’re out on a mountain lake, things can’t be too bad.

She shared other photos throughout her birthday weekend. While out on the boat, getting some sun she posted a couple of pics from the water. “This is 39!” the post read. Her hashtags celebrated her birthday and her pride in being a Virgo. With some big sunglasses to cover her face, she looked on proudly and defiantly as she completed another rotation around the sun. It is always good to have confidence and love for oneself as one gets older. No reason to dread something inevitable.

This weekend also marked the anniversary of the release of her debut single, Blue. She became the youngest country music star since Tanya Tucker. That was back in 1996, and since then LeAnn Rimes has gone on to record country hits, as well as traditional pop songs. There is no doubt that she has one of the best voices in all of music. Her voice reminded many of Patsy Cline when she debuted, not bad company for a teenager at the time.

LeAnn Rimes Has a Surprise for Fans

LeAnn Rimes included some surprises for fans as well for her birthday weekend. Giving back to fans on her birthday is really cool. In a video she posted to her Instagram, she explained what is coming for fans. After 15 years, Whatever We Wanna is coming to digital in the United States. It has been quite some time, but fans are excited to get it late rather than never.

“I’ve got SO many surprises coming your way as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Blue and today, we reveal one of them!” The post read in the beginning. She smiled throughout the video detailing the release of all that is coming in the future.

“It’s FINALLY time… ‘Whatever We Wanna’ is being released digitally in the US!!!! It only took 15 years, but hey, IT’S HAPPENING! That’s not all… you’ll not only be getting the standard record, but we’ve added a bunch of additional songs and remixes to up the ante on the celebrations!” Rimes continued in her Instagram post. There was a reason why her album never came out in North America. She had just released This Woman in the same year and due to the popularity, the pop rock/R&B album was never released as it was scheduled. Now fans have something to look forward to.

Happy birthday to LeAnn Rimes!