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Leann Rimes Reveals Her Next Album After ‘Chant: The Human & The Holy’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Luli Fama

Leann Rimes recently revealed her next album after “Chant: The Human & The Holy” in a 20 questions-style interview with Billboard.

Rimes says that she has been recording her next album over the last year. It is a non-chant album. She said that she’s a little over halfway through it.

“I feel it carries the same positive messaging in the songs as the Chant album does, but in a grander way,” Rimes told Billboard. “Since making my ‘Spitfire’ and ‘Remnants’ albums, I do feel I’m in an amazing space, and feel the songwriting we’ve been doing is some of my best writing I have ever done. I’ve also been experimenting with using different shades of my voice as well, so I am excited to see how the world receives it. It won’t be too long, I promise you!”

Leann Rimes Shares New Single

“Chant: The Human & The Holy” is set to release this Friday, Nov. 20, according to Billboard. This particular album marks a distinct change for the country singer, who has packed the album with 12 tracks of different “mantras and messages” instead of country songs.

Rimes announced the release of one of the singles from the new album on Instagram yesterday.

“I’ll be singing LovE into your hearts tonight, as the first song from ‘CHANT: The Human & The Holy’ will be all yours from midnight locally,” Rimes posted. “You can now pre-save the record on @spotify to get #SingLovEIntoTheWorld as soon as it is released, or check all other streaming platforms tomorrow to listen. Sending you so much LovE!”

Finding Inner Peace

Rimes has struggled with anxiety and depression since she became a country music star in her early teens, Nashville.com reports. After she turned 30, she sought treatment. Her treatment experience led to a fascination with breathwork and meditation.

Now the singer is blending her hobby with her career as she chants her way through 12 tracks in her newest album.

“Chanting really is, for me, about using my own vibration and my own voice for my own healing,” she told Reuters TV.

Rimes said she got the idea for the soundtrack during meditation and while she was on stage.

Speaking of her time on stage, Rimes is approaching her 25th year in the music industry as of 2021.

“It’s pretty amazing to have that kind of longevity in a business that is incredibly fickle,” she said. “So, I’m very grateful.”