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Leann Rimes Reveals Why She is Releasing ‘Chant: The Human & The Holy’ Album Now

by Chris Haney
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

During a recent interview with Billboard, country star Leann Rimes spoke about her new album, which is a shift from what her fans are used to.

Rimes, 38, has grown and evolved over the years, and her newest studio album is a reflection of that growth. Her focus has shifted musically and mentally with the release of “Chant: The Human & The Holy.” In fact, the 12-track chant-based album is full of mantras and hopeful messages. “Chant” will release soon, on Friday, Nov. 20, with the lead single “Sing Love Into the World” out today.

Eight years ago, the singer entered a treatment center for depression and anxiety that led her on a path to wellness. Since then, she has used the tools she learned in treatment, including meditation and breathwork, which shifted her spirituality and moved her to eventually create “Chant.”

Additionally, the musician says the idea for “Chant” came to her organically while making her next pop country album.

“This Chant album came up for me in the middle of making my next album. While meditating, melodies and words would rise up for me,” Rimes explained. “I would hit record on my phone and go back to meditating thinking they were something for my album. I recognized later that the pieces of songs were actually self-contained chants. And I felt responsible that they should see the light of day.”

Rimes Is Calling for More Love in Our World

Rimes says the album is about healing – for herself and anyone else that needs it during such a trying year. In addition, she hopes that Chant‘s messages of hope will reflect far beyond 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. She wants the mantra of the album to be “timeless” and said she’s already started writing for another chant album.

“I needed it for myself to help use my own voice to bring some healing to my heart. I hope the message and purpose of the record is a timeless one. I’ve actually started writing more for the next chant album,” Rimes shared.

The country singer says the album brought her comfort during a difficult year and hopes it will do the same for others. “Chant” helped Rimes find her own voice again, which has been therapeutic for the musician.

“I hope it would bring some comfort to anyone being in these challenging times, and that it reminds them of who they truly are, and helps lead them to find their own voice. That is what it is helping me with as well,” she said.

The lead single off “Chant” is titled “Sing Love Into the World,” and is available on all music streaming services today. The song follows the album’s underlying mantra and is a call to put more love into our world. The country singer thinks music is a powerful way to express just that.

“The song is calling on me to put my love into action. And then it is asking the listener to do the same with their heart,” Rimes says of the single. “There is a great need to birth more love into our world and our actions. Music is a powerful way to express it.”