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LeAnn Rimes Says Fan Reactions to New ‘CHANT: The Human & The Holy’ Album ‘Have Blown Me Away’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)

On Saturday, LeAnn Rimes showed nothing but gratitude to her fans in their support of her newest album, “Chant: The Human & The Holy.” Rimes released the album Friday.

Speaking directly to her fans, the 39-year-old expressed how overwhelmed she was with love. Writing, “Your sweet messages, your stories, and emails have blown me away.”

Despite the overall shift from her classic country sound to chants and meditations, her fans have stuck by her. Many of the comments described how grateful they were for the album, describing Rimes voice as “angelic” and “relaxing.”

She continued, writing, “I am so happy that you are connecting with the record in the deepest way.”

LeAnn Gives Messages of Healing and Hope

Healing is a significant theme in the album, which couldn’t have come at a better time. This year has been quite stressful for some people with the recent election and ongoing pandemic. Obviously lucky for us, Rimes says she’s already started a second chanting album.

In addition to healing, hope is another important message she conveys. The 12-track album of chants not only represents the evolution of her career but her life as well.

Rimes’ road to inner peace hasn’t always been easy. She endured a tough battle when she checked herself into a treatment center for depression and anxiety eight years ago.

However, this led to her personal growth. She developed her spirituality, experienced mediation, and worked on breathwork. These new tools contributed to the creation of “Chant.”

She told Billboard, “While meditating, melodies and words would rise up for me, and I would hit record on my phone and go back to meditating thinking they were something for my album. I recognized later that the pieces of songs were actually self-contained chants, and I felt responsible that they should see the light of day.”

“Chant: The Human & The Holy” is available on all streaming platforms.