Lee Brice Opens Up About Being ‘Bullied Really Hard Through Middle School’

by Matthew Wilson

Sometimes artists sing from personal experience. Lee Brice is opening up about being bullied in middle school and how that also influenced two of his newest songs.

Brice tackles the subject of bullying with his song “Sons and Daughters,” which features on Brice’s album “Hey World.” The song encourages people to be empathetic and think before they judge or bully another. Brice also opened up about being a victim of bullying himself.

“I went through a time … where I was bullied really hard through middle school. A lot of it was mental,” Brice told Taste of Country. “I’d get ganged up on because I was so big, they knew they had to come like 50 of ‘em. But it was scary. So then with “Sons and Daughters” it was like I could see that happening via social media.”

Lee Brice Tackles Bullying on Social Media

Physically, Brice is a large man listed at 6-foot, 3-inches on Google, and he even described himself as being tall as a kid. But the group mentality of others made the future country singer feel small as a child. In the song, Brice tackles the subject of bullying on social media. It’s something that he even experienced as an adult and had to deal with. Social media bullying can be difficult to defend against.

“But there are kids every day — I hate that they take so much heart in what people, friends that they have and/or people that they don’t even know, say about them,” Brice said. “It’s such a type of bullying.”

With “Lies,” Brice tackles his own flaws and insecurities and how sometimes a person can be their own worst bully. Brice said he wants to confront the topic in part for his 12-year-old son Takoda.

“He’s just so sweet,” Brice said. “He doesn’t understand why people would be mean or rude. He doesn’t comprehend it. It’s not in his nature.”