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Lee Greenwood Speaks Out About Being Removed From National Council on the Arts: ‘Fired a Patriot’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

Country singer Lee Greenwood is universally known for his patriotic song God Bless the USA, as well as his work supporting veterans and charities. Serving on the National Council of the Arts for more than a decade, he was recently removed and spoke out about it, saying they “fired a patriot.”

Speaking on Fox & Friends, Lee Greenwood reported the Biden administration unceremoniously removed him from the National Council of the Arts. Greenwood served on the council since George W. Bush’s presidency. According to him, no one called to tell him about the decision and it was done via email. “So the Biden administration [has apparently] cleaned house, and he’s fired a patriot. I was quite shocked, to tell you the truth. I didn’t get a phone call or letter. It was just an email.”

He goes on to tell the show of his history with the position, as well as what his iconic song stands for. “You know, it’s a six-year appointment and I was appointed by George W. Bush 43. So I served under his term. Also, President Obama’s term. Of course, President Trump’s term. And then as you know he used my song God Bless the USA, which is unilateral for me. It’s meant for all people, not just for a particular political party.”

Nevertheless, Greenwood doesn’t break his stride, talking about an upcoming show that will honor veterans next month. “I don’t care where they are. We always honor our veterans and want to particularly point out the fact we have this amazing show coming up October 12th in Huntsville, Alabama at the Bronze Center and set aside a lock of tickets which I do at most of our events.”

Near 9/11’s 20th Anniversary, Lee Greenwood Reflects and Speaks on Helping Veteran’s Charities

More than just a country singer, Lee Greenwood is a huge advocate for our country’s heroes. Near 9/11’s 20th anniversary, he recognized the sacrifice veterans make and how happy he is to help with their charities.

Speaking to Fox’s Neil Cavuto on September 4, he said Americans have a special responsibility to the rest of the world. He also believes in giving back to those who go above and beyond, which our veterans regularly do.

“I’m so proud of the fact that I can do that [do some good],” Greenwood told Cavuto. “I’ve done numerous USO tours in my career. And after 2020, of course, we had very few shows. [But] we continue to work with wounded warriors. One charity right here in Houston where I’m coming to you now live from, called Helping a Hero, and we build homes for wounded warriors all the time.”

Helping a Hero awards homes to severely wounded veterans who were injured in the Post 9-11 Global War on Terror.