‘Legends’ by Kelsea Ballerini: ‘Chameleon’ Story of Triumphant Song

by Will Shepard

Kelsea Ballerini is a certified country music star. Her song “Legends” is the lead single on her second album, Unapologetically. The song and album came out on December 1, 2017. Afterward, “Legends” peaked at number two on the Billboard Music Hot 100 chart. Additionally, it spent four weeks on that chart.

The story behind Ballerini’s song is fascinating. In particular, the song is sad and tells the story of a tough breakup she had in her early days of music. Ballerini is now happily married to her husband, so the meaning of the song and the words have changed significantly.

However, now that she’s in a wonderful relationship, the lyrics’ have transformed into a beautiful love story for Ballerini. During the songwriting though, Ballerini’s dark relationship was certainly at the forefront of her mind.

She wrote the song alongside Hillary Lindsey and Forest Glen Whitehead and attributes a lot of success to them. So, now that the song is just over three years old, take a look back at how the meaning of her song changes.

Kelsea Ballerini Discusses the “Chameleon” Song

“It’s a chameleon. It’s the first song that I’ve ever written that has changed meanings for me. I wrote it from a breakup three years ago because I had written a lot of ‘Get Over Yourself,’ ‘Miss Me More,’ ‘Graveyard’ kind of songs – angsty, dark, mad, sad.”

Going through a breakup is hard but often results in passionate songs from artists. Nonetheless, later in her life, the story behind the song is ever-changing.

“But, I was so ready to be over it, and I think that to really be over it, you have to acknowledge the good. So, that was my song of acknowledging the good, in a very bright way.”

Being able to recognize a positive change is fairly easy for most people. Now when Ballerini sings the song, it’s a fond memory that she looks back upon as growth.

“And then when it was time to pick the single, this song kept raising its hand. And I was like, ‘Man. This isn’t where I’m at anymore, and I don’t know if I relate to it anymore like that.’ So I started listening to it, and it changed meanings for me. It’s a love song to me now, and it’s about a love that you’re nostalgic about, that doesn’t necessarily have to end.”

The song and relationship helped to change her life course, and she is certainly thankful for that. Ballerini says that the song opened doors in her life to a new, better person.

“So it’s the last song on the record because, to me, it’s kind of like that forever. I think this will open up to start the next chapter of whatever that looks like.”

So, those who are fans of Ballerini can relate to this song. Moreover, “Legends” is an important lesson in recognizing bad spots in your life and shows people how to move on from them. Additionally, it is a great reminder that looking back on your life is not unhealthy, but rather something that can be powerful.

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