Let’s Have a Pardi: Jon Pardi Launching His Own Signature Whiskey

by Brianna Vacca

Jon Pardi wants to do a little more than just tequila little time with you.

Pardi is officially launching his very own signature whiskey. The “Head Over Boots” singer partnered up with Buffalo Chip Spirits to launch two different tastings: Pardi Batch Tennessee Whiskey and Pardi Batch 112 Bourbon.

Pardi says, “Whether it’s through my live shows or recording in the studio, I care about everything that I do. I like getting into the details, whether it’s stage production, songwriting, or even creating a new bourbon. Buffalo Chip Spirits knocked it out of the park. They came back with an awesome bourbon that even my bourbon-snob band is just like, ‘this is great.’ I’m really excited for people who love bourbon. I truly think everyone is going to enjoy Pardi Batch 112 and Pardi Batch Tennessee Whiskey. I can’t wait for the stories, the reactions, the reviews, and I can’t wait for you to go back and get your second bottle.”

As of now, an autographed bottle is available from Longhorn Cheers in Fort Worth, Texas. But stay tuned for more retailers.

Pardi isn’t the first country artist to have their own liquor brand. Pardi Batch Tennessee Whiskey and Pardi Batch 112 Bourbon follows Florida Georgia Line’s Old Camp Whiskey, Jake Owen’s Beach Whiskey, and Willie Nelson’s Old Whiskey River.

Jon Pardi’s Love For Whiskey Isn’t New

Jon Pardi’s affinity for whiskey isn’t a new discovery. Whiskey brands have been getting their free advertising from the singer since the inauguration of his career. He’s always relying on cherried booze positivity – and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

The country singer’s 2019 album Heartache Medication hosts a lot of that fore-mentioned booze-assisted positivity. The most potent whiskey ballad on the collection,”Don’t Blame The Whiskey” was originally meant for Eric Church and Miranda Lambert. Written by Luke Laird and Michael Heeney, the song is about a couple reaching their breaking point.

Pardi shares about the song, “I’ve heard that song when it had long hair, which was a long time ago, and I’ve always loved it. When we sat down to A&R this record, Brian Wright played it for me, and I said, “Pffff, you get Eric and Miranda to let me cut that song, I’ll cut it. And we asked, because, of course, maybe they were holding onto it. You never know. It’s such a great song. Maybe Eric wanted to put it on his project someday — you never know. But Eric was excited, and Miranda was excited, and we got the go-ahead.”

Have you made it in country music without your own liquor brand? Now you can listen to Pardi’s own “Don’t Blame The Whiskey” while sipping on a glass of Pardi whiskey. It’s Pardi time.