LISTEN: Brad Paisley Drops New Song ‘Off Road’ Celebrating Women with Grit

by Evan Reier

In his first new song in 10 months, Brad Paisley is singing to the strong women who are making it happen by themselves.

After teasing the new song a day prior, Paisley officially dropped “Off Road” on February 10. Previously, Paisley saw the release of “No I in Beer” in April of 2020 and hopped on the Jimmie Allen-led collaboration “Freedom Was a Highway” in late January of this year.

With “Off Road,” Paisley has released his first song of 2021.

In a video message posted on social media, Paisley explained his intentions behind the new track.

“I’ve got some new music for you and it’s going to come out tomorrow,” Paisley said. “It’s about every girl who won’t stay in her lane, every girl that busts through roadblocks to get to where she wants to go. You know who you are. I hope you love it.”

But the wait is no longer, with “Off Road” being officially uploaded to YouTube. Listen below:

Brad Paisley Singing About Tennessee to Malibu

The song features a classic, upbeat tune that Paisley has made a trademark of his music career. The song wastes little time getting into exactly what it’s about in the opening verse’s lyrics.

“Well, here she is, meet the star of this song
Hair up and high heels on
Hittin’ traffic in Malibu
With Tennessee in the rearview”

Right away, it’s a classic tale of a pioneering woman leaving home and heading out West. Paisley continues:

“She didn’t move out here to fail
She’s gonna blaze a brand new trail
Where anybody else might stop
When they run out of blacktop”

While this further paints the picture of a strong woman setting her own path, we can’t help but think of, well, Hannah Montana.

Hear us out.

For those unaware or unfamiliar with the Disney Channel hit, Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus played Miley Stewart and Robby Ray Stewart. Miley doubles as a popstar obviously named Hannah Montana, with Robby Ray as her father and manager.

The key premise of the show is that the Cyrus characters move from Tennessee to, guess where, Malibu in an effort to further Miley’s career. Moving from Tennessee to the West Coast wasn’t invented by the show, but y’all, that’s pretty dang similar to “Off Road.”

“Off Road” Hits Strong with Chorus

Not to completely go off the rails, let’s check out the chorus.

“She’s a little off road
Gravel dust on her halo
I think you oughta know
If you wanna ride along, just hang on
Now where she’s goin’ ain’t paved
She ain’t lookin’ for a highway And she ain’t gonna stay in her lane ‘
Cause she’s a little off road”

The woman Paisley has in mind is one that doesn’t mind the unbeaten path. In many ways, we like to think Outsider carries the same sentiment.

All in all, Paisley delivers another trademark tune. With the release of his first song in nearly a year, is this the beginning of the buildup to a new album? We’ll have to wait and see.

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