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LISTEN: Carrie Underwood Drops New Single ‘Ghost Story’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM

It’s a good New Music Friday, seeing as Carrie Underwood just dropped an all-new single called “Ghost Story.”

You can listen to the song and watch the new official lyric video on YouTube.

Is it just us, or is this somewhat haunting song Carrie Underwood’s way of saying she’s ready to feature a track on a “Paranormal Activity” film?

The song is all about being such a lingering image and thought to someone that it ends up feeling more like a haunting.

“You’ll hear a noise, swear you know the voice and you’ll chase it down the stairs / You’ll look around, not a single sound ’cause there’s no one even there / I’m gonna be your ghost story / keeping you up all night memory,” Carrie Underwood croons during the beginning of the new track. The song itself is a pop-country song with a mid-tempo and a catchy beat.

The new song fits in nicely with Underwood’s long repertoire of breakup songs and heartbreak reenactments. As she puts so succinctly, “There ain’t enough whiskey for you not to miss me.”

This is Underwood’s first single of 2022. It comes right after she co-won for Single of the Year at the 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards. Underwood first teased the new track on March 10 with a photo in the studio. She also had the caption, “So, I did a thing.”

Then, only eight days later, she was dropping it hot with “Ghost Story.”

All in all, the song is a cinematic and dramatic piece definitely worth spending your Friday singing along.

More on Carrie Underwood’s New Single

Carrie Underwood is very hopeful for this single. She thinks that it’s going to stand out with everything we currently have bumping on the radio.

“[‘Ghost Story’ doesn’t] sound like anything else that’s on the radio right now. And I feel like it was a great first choice first single because I feel like it’s enough of hopefully what people like about me. There’s some drama. It’s a cinematic song. It’s a great story song … kind of this little revenge kind of song and there’s just something kind of epic about it,” Underwood said during an interview with Apple Music Radio’s Kelleigh Bannen.

Although it took her three months into the year to release a new single, there is no doubt that Underwood is very hard at work. She is going to follow up on her Grammy-nominated album “My Savior.” While she was in the studio, song after song just seemed to burst out during the creative process.

“I feel like people are going to hear everything and just going to get some warm fuzzies and just, I don’t know, hopefully, it’ll just make people happy to listen to. It’s a very like sing into your hairbrush, in your house, in your room kind of album, which I think it’s going to translate well. I think people are going to like it,” she also said.