LISTEN: Dolly Parton Has Fans Freaking Out Over Theme Song for New Fragrance ‘Scent From Above’

by Katie Maloney

As most of you dedicated Dolly Parton fans already know, Dolly just announced her new fragrance line called Scent From Above. Fans have been able to purchase samples of the perfume for the last month. But they won’t be able to purchase a full-size bottle of Scent From Above until July 28th. However, fans are already loving what they’ve smelled from the sample bottles.

One fan wrote, “This scent is soft and bold simultaneously. It has a way of securing your thoughts and feelings about yourself, making them positive, and making it your truth. I wear it when I go out and when I’m at home. It is made up of all my favorite scents. I’m very excited for the full size. I can’t wait!”

That description sounds a lot like everything Dolly Parton does. She somehow has a way of helping us all feel safe and secure while also inspiring us to be bold and courageously confident. Something you dedicated Dolly fans may not know is that Dolly also has a theme song for her fragrance!

That’s right, Dolly recently released the song, “Sent From Above” to go along with the perfume release. The song is unlike anything else Dolly has blessed her fans with. And it’s everything we didn’t know we needed! “Sent From Above” has all the same Dolly love throughout the lyrics. But it’s backed by a remixed sound that makes it sound like something you’d hear while dancing in a club.

During the song, Dolly sings, “It’s you I go to. The one I talk to. Because you know how to restore my faith. I know you’ll be forever with me. I went through hell to find this heaven I believe will last. Sent from above. I know you must be heaven-sent. And I love you ever so much.

Fans Respond to Dolly Parton’s New Song

Is that even a question? Of course, Dolly Parton fans are loving the new song. Countless fans are showing their support via comments on Dolly’s Instagram post.

One fan wrote, “UGHH dollys voice literally gives me life.”

Another fan wrote, “Dolly didn’t come to play.”

Another fan said that they are excited to purchase a full-size bottle of Scent From Above after trying the sample size. “I got my sample days ago and I can’t wait to get the full-size bottle!” 

Another fan just commented on Dolly Parton’s icon status.

“Literally beyond iconic,” they wrote.

One commenter was clever enough to profess their love for Dolly while also referencing one of her most iconic songs “I Will Always Love You.”

They wrote, “Just bought on iTunes. Love it and I will always love you

Dolly Parton’s new song “Sent From Above”