LISTEN: Luke Bryan Pays Tribute to His Late Brother With Heart-Wrenching New Song ‘Songs You Never Heard’

by Shelby Scott

Luke Bryan is no stranger to putting out incredibly meaningful and heart-wrenching songs. His latest “Songs You Never Heard,” brings that fact to the forefront of his career. Bryan’s latest song narrates memories he previously shared with his late brother Chris. In addition, he touches on new music that Chris never got to hear. Hence, where the song title comes from.

Luke Bryan’s brother Chris tragically died in a car accident in 1996. Because of this, “Songs You Never Heard,” touches on hit songs from country greats like George Strait, Tracy Lawrence, Clint Black, and Jamey Johnson that Chris never got to listen to.

The song itself is touching as it drops the names of emotionally charged songs throughout. Some include Alan Jackson’s “Little Bitty” and Johnson’s “In Color,” while opening the song with a shoutout to Strait’s “Run.”

Luke Bryan catches the listener by placing one of the hardest-hitting lines at the opening verse of the song. The line reads, “I heard ‘Run’ on the radio yesterday/Got me thinking ’bout how much you love George Strait/But by the time the airways ever played that song/You were already gone.”

In this way, he hints very early in the song just how long ago his brother passed away. It also presents a clear picture of how much the world and country music itself has transformed in the time Chris hasn’t been here. In discussing the new song, the country artist said, “I’ve written songs through the years that really talk about me losing my brother, but I don’t think any of them is as good as how this one describes who he was.”

Luke Bryan Also Features In a New Docuseries About His Career and Family

Luke Bryan’s new song isn’t the only outlet he’s recently released talking about the pain and grief resulting from losing his brother. The country star’s new docuseries, “Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary,” explores not only the very early roots of his country music career, but his relationship with his wife, and, most emotional, his experience losing not only his brother but his sister Kelly and brother-in-law Lee.

Bryan shared in an interview with People magazine, “It’s almost like you don’t want to tell the story because you don’t want to feel like you’re out there craving sympathy.” However, many people also don’t lose three of their closest family members within the span of fewer than two decades. Especially not siblings.

The new docuseries, which premiers on Amazon’s IMDb TV today, explores the way music has helped the singer cope with some of the most tragic losses of his life. Additionally, the docuseries may provide further background to the creation of Bryan’s new song, even if only through stories he shares about his family members.