LISTEN: Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Montgomery Releases First Solo Song ‘Alive and Well’

by Clayton Edwards

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry formed Montgomery Gentry at the tail end of the 90s. They came into the new millennium with a stack of hit records and dominated the airwaves with fifteen top-ten hits. Five of those climbed to the top of the chart. In 2017, Gentry tragically died in a helicopter crash. Now, Montgomery is ready to emerge as a solo artist.

Eddie Montgomery chose to release a very personal song as his solo debut. It seems as if he wants everyone to know exactly where he’s going with his solo outing. At the same time, Montgomery is letting the world know where he’s been. The track, “Alive and Well,” is all about getting through the hard times and being thankful to see the other side. It’s the kind of song that would fit right in with our Outsider Anthems series.

Eddie Montgomery co-penned “Alive and Well,” with Chris Wallin and Ira Dean. Montgomery dug deep into his personal tragedies and laid them all out in front of his listeners. For instance, in one verse he references losing two sons and his best friend. His son Hunter Montgomery passed away in 2015 due to an accidental overdose. That tragedy was a public one. However, the second son Montgomery mentioned never made headlines. On the other hand, we can only assume that the “best friend,” he mentioned was Troy Gentry. Either way, those lines highlight just how open Montgomery is on his debut solo single.

In a press statement, Eddie Montgomery said, “This was a hard song to write, but it’s one that I thought so many could relate to.” He went on to say that moving forward after hardship and tragedy is a universal experience. As far as what he wants people to get out of his new single, he said, “I hope friends and fans take away a renewed sense of gratefulness for the life they live.”

More on Eddie Montgomery’s Debut Single

“Alive and Well,” will be a favorite among fans of 90s country. The production is big and in-your-face. The electric guitars and drums lay a lush groundwork for the song. However, there is plenty of room for Eddie Montgomery’s vocals to really be the star of the show. He slips back and forth between belting out lyrics from the depths of his soul to a more spoken-word delivery. The dynamic only adds to the emotion in the song.

However, this isn’t a tear-in-your-beer kind of tune. Instead, “Alive and Well,” sees Eddie Montgomery celebrating the fact that he is still above ground after all that he has faced in life. The verses and chorus juxtapose his hardships with his gratitude. It’s that balance that makes this song something special.

Give the song a listen. It will put a bounce in your step that will carry you through the day. We’re all still alive and well, let’s make the most of it while we still can.