LISTEN: Morgan Wallen Teases ‘Don’t Think Jesus’ Ahead of Good Friday Release

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images)

Morgan Wallen has been on a roll this spring, setting records and taking home big win after big win. Now though, after achieving superstardom with his hit Dangerous: The Double Album, Morgan Wallen is teasing his brand new unreleased song “Don’t Think Jesus” ahead of its Good Friday release. Check it out.


Good Friday

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Morgan Wallen’s “Wasted On You” might be trending at the top of Billboard country music charts right now, but “Don’t Think Jesus” promises listeners a new song with new sounds and an even newer Wallen narrative.

The unreleased song kicks off with a medley of acoustic sounds, the slow-strumming of the guitar leading Morgan Wallen into the first lines of the meaningful piece.

‘Don’t Think Jesus’ Speaks to Wallen’s Redemption

“A boy gets a guitar and starts writing songs/about whiskey and women and getting too stoned/he got all three at the first show he played/hometown said ‘I don’t think Jesus done it that way.”

The above captures the very first lines of the new song and draws a hard contrast from the narrative we find in Morgan Wallen’s earlier piece, “Livin’ the Dream.” As one of the final songs of the Dangerous: The Double Album tracklist, “Livin’ the Dream” tells the story, essentially Morgan Wallen’s story, of partying too hard, drinking too much, and performing nonstop, ultimately leading to his destruction:

“I look like a rockstar, in and out of cop cars/Livin’ out a suitcase, trashin’ hotel bars/If I see the sunrise, it’s cause I stayed up all night/Drinkin’ ’cause I need to, damn it, what a good life.”

On the flip side, “Don’t Think Jesus,” acts as a kind of redemption arc, the song specifically written with Morgan Wallen in mind. In fact, according to Music Mayhem Magazine, upon first listening to the piece in his truck, “Don’t Think Jesus” brought Wallen to tears. Check out the chorus that starkly contrasts “Livin’ the Dream” below.

“If I was him I’d say to hell with you/ain’t no helping you/you find someone else to give Heaven to/I’m telling you/I’d shame me, I’d blame me/I’d make me pay for my mistakes/oh, but I don’t think Jesus does it that way.”

While “Don’t Think Jesus” will make its official debut on Good Friday, the reverential piece began making headway even before Danger: The Double Album dropped.

Morgan Wallen Speaks to Significance of ‘Don’t Think Jesus’

In October of 2021, Morgan Wallen shared the unreleased song with fans on social media. Since previewing it and its significance there, the clip has received more than 6 million views.

In sharing “Don’t Think Jesus” with fans at the time, Morgan Wallen said of the unreleased song, “Some of my friends sent me a song today, I was on the way back home from playing a little golf.”

He further revealed, “They wrote this song with me in on their mind and made me cry in the truck.”

“Don’t Think Jesus” will mark Morgan Wallen’s first new music release since he dropped “Broadway Girls” with Lil Durk in December.