Listen to Elvis Presley’s Only Home Recording of ‘She Thinks I Still Care’

by Will Shepard

Music legend Elvis Presley released a cover of “She Thinks I Still Care” in 1977 on his album, Moody Blue. The song was an instant hit, reaching number one on the Billboard music charts in February.

Even though the country song was originally written by Dickey Lee and Steve Duffy, Presley’s cover is phenomenal. Moreover, a few months before Presley’s death, he did a home recording of the song. This recording is among a rare few songs that he recorded at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

The home recording is a bluesy, soulful, and passionate version of the song that George Jones made famous. Presley also recorded his song “Moody blue” during the same series of home recordings. “She Thinks I Still Care” is on the B-side of the album.

Happiness Over Sadness in Elvis Presley Lyrics

The song is about a man dealing with a former lover. The man in the song believes that the former lover still thinks that the man cares about her. Even though the man in the song doesn’t care about the woman any longer, the lyrics show how supporting the man is nonetheless.

“But if she’s happy thinking I still need her / Then let that silly notion bring her cheer.”

The song touches on several things that the guy in Presley’s song has done to show her that he no longer cares. Nonetheless, the man doesn’t mind that the idea of him caring brings the woman happiness.

Moreover, Presley shows his musical prowess throughout the home recording. Critics late in his career said that he lacked creativity in his music, but this song certainly proves them wrong. His bottomless talent makes this song an instant classic.

This recording is a sad reminder of Presley’s untimely death. Additionally, this song is one of the last recordings the legendary artist made before he passed. So, take a few minutes to listen to “The King” work his musical magic during this home recording.

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