LISTEN: Trace Adkins Partners with Luke Bryan and Pitbull for Party Anthem “Where The Country Girls At”

by Chris Haney

Earlier today, CMT premiered the new music video for country star Trace Adkins‘ new single “Where The Country Girls At,” which features Luke Bryan and Pitbull.

Adkins enlisted fellow country singer Luke Bryan for the upbeat party track from his most recent album The Way I Wanna Go. Yet the addition of rapper Pitbull may have raised some eyebrows. Surprisingly, Pitbull’s verses on the song work seamlessly with the two country stars. In fact, the single has similar vibes to another Trace Adkins pop-crossover hit – 2005’s “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”

The new music video includes all three musicians living it up in their respective towns. The two country stars filmed their party scenes in Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge Bar in Nashville, Tennessee. Additionally, Pitbull filmed his lively portion of the video from a yacht in the ocean in his hometown of Miami, Florida. Each location paired perfectly with the musicians’ respective lifestyles and preferred locales.

While speaking to CMT recently previous to the music video’s release, Adkins opened up about the collaboration and the trio’s new video.

“Oh, this one was easy,” Trace Adkins said about filming at Bryan’s 32 Bridge Bar. “The staff and management treated us most hospitable, and we laughed a lot. Oh, Luke’s place serves up a dang good breakfast burrito.”

“I loved it,” he added. “Having Luke and Pitbull adding their talent makes this a special video for me. A honkytonk, country girls, a song they can dance to, and Pitbull on his yacht. It’s a wrap!”

Trace Adkins Thinks His Singing and Performing are ‘Better’ Than Ever

Last month on August 27, Trace Adkins celebrated the 25th anniversary of his debut album Dreamin’ Out Loud by releasing a brand new 25-song album. That same week, he spoke to PEOPLE about his lengthy career and how he thinks he’s progressed as an artist.

The Louisiana native has been in the music business now for three decades. Adkins has sold over 11 million records in that span. However, the 59-year-old told PEOPLE during his interview that his age isn’t slowing him down. In contrast, Adkins claims his singing and performing have actually improved over the years.

“I still have the range that I have always had, but I think my lower range has gotten better,” Trace Adkins told PEOPLE. “But that just comes with age, you know? But I mean, yeah, I haven’t lost anything. My chops are still good.”

He added that it’s a little frustrating at this point of his career. Adkins has millions of fans, but he also doesn’t think many notice how far he’s come with his craft in the latter years of being in the music business.

“It’s a shame in a way,” he added. “You get to this point of your career where you’re better at your craft than you’ve ever been, and nobody gives a…”