WATCH: Loretta Lynn Crushes ‘Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’’ Live in 1969

by Katie Maloney

Fifty two years ago country music legend Loretta Lynn performed her first number one hit song live.

“Don’t Come Home A Drinkin” was the title track on Loretta Lynn’s seventh studio album, You Ain’t Woman Enough. The song held the top spot on the charts for two consecutive weeks making it Lynn’s first of 16 number one hit songs. Loretta quickly clinched another record that same year. The album became the first by a female artist to be certified gold, for sales of 500,000 units.

During this live performance in 1969, Lynn and her bandmates rib each other. They tell a joke about having five kids in a short amount of time. And Loretta Lynn jokingly warns her bandmate that “you can be replaced back there.” Lynn and the band then break into a performance of “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin.”

Loretta Lynn performs “Don’t Come Home Drinkin”

Loretta Lynn Was Not Afraid To Push Boundaries With Her Songs

Lynn wrote, “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin” with her sister Peggy Sue. The song is about a woman telling her husband not to come home drunk and expect to get frisky.

During the song, she sings, “You never take me anywhere because you’re always gone. Many a night I’ve laid awake and cried, dear, all alone. And you come in a’ kissin’ on me, it happens every time. No, don’t come home a drinkin’ with lovin’ on your mind.”

Although the song soared to the number one spot on the charts, people considered it to be pretty controversial. However, Lynn never shied away from pushing the boundaries, especially for women.

Lynn released “Rated X” in 1972. The song is about the way divorced women are treated in society. A few years later, she released “The Pill”. During the song, Lynn sings about the advantages of birth control.

In conclusion, Loretta Lynn proves that you don’t reach country music legend status by playing it safe or dancing around important topics.