Loretta Lynn on Her Tennessee Ranch: ‘It’s Paradise to Me’

by Amanda Glover

Well, folks, it looks like Loretta Lynn is one of the lucky ones to get snow this winter. In a recent post to the country singer’s Twitter, she shares a beautiful picture of her stunning Tennessee ranch as snow begins to make an appearance.

Although Christmas was over a month ago, Lynn’s photo certainly reminds me of the joyous holiday. As wonderful as my Christmas was last year, I can only imagine being able to enjoy white Christmas with my family in her stunning country home.

The caption reads, “We’ve had some beautiful snow here recently. I love this picture of the big house that my right hand, Tim, captured. Y’all gotta come to visit the ranch sometime. It’s paradise to me. #theresnoplacelikehome#paradise#bighouse#bigdreams#babyitscoldoutside.”

Friends and followers of Loretta Lynn share her admiration for the lovely home. One follower wrote, “What a gorgeous picture!”

It’s also quite likely that Lynn created wonderful memories with her late husband and her children in the house. I mean, a house like that just screams “family.”

Loretta Lynn Remembers Late Husband on What Would’ve Been Their 74th Anniversary

January 11th would have been Loretta Lynn and her husband Oliver’s 74th wedding anniversary. However, the country singer continues to find ways to honor him and celebrate their love.

On their anniversary last month, Lynn shared a picture of the two of them together, as well as a sweet caption. “74 years ago, my life changed forever when I married Doolittle. We had 48 years together and I sure wish he was still here! I miss him.”

At fifteen years old, Loretta Lynn exchanged vows with the then 21-year-old Oliver. In an article on Taste of Country, she mentioned how her husband pushed her to launch her country music career.

However, Oliver didn’t always treat Lynn with love and respect. In a 2002 interview with CBS, Loretta Lynn explained that she stuck by her husband for the sake of their six children:

“I didn’t need him, but he was my kids’ daddy. Why leave hearts laying on the floor for me? I had to think of my kids. I can’t be that selfish. He broke my heart lots of times, but that woulda broke the kids’ hearts, wouldn’t it?”

The death of their children likely didn’t help things either. Their second oldest son, Jack, drowned in 1984 at 34-years-old. Their oldest daughter, Betty Sue, passed away from emphysema at the age of 64-years-old. 

Five days before his 70th birthday, Oliver passed away in 1996. His death was related to his diabetes-related health problems and heart failure.