Loretta Lynn Looks Forward to ‘Still Woman Enough’ Release in Photo with Iconic Guitar

by Atlanta Northcutt

Loretta Lynn is looking forward to her newest album Still Woman Enough by looking back at an iconic photo of the 88-year-old country music star.

What is the photo that we’re talking about? Well, of course, it’s the black-and-white image of the young and beautiful Lynn holding a guitar with her name spelled along the neck of the instrument.

Bringing Back The Past And Present Loretta Lynn

The photo was recently duplicated by the country music icon, and although the features aren’t exactly the same, the results couldn’t be better. The side-by-side photos show how Loretta Lynn is still as beautiful, classy, and talented as she was when the shot was first taken.

The country icon captions the post, writing, “A lot of years have gone by but me and this old guitar keep on going. I still love writing and putting out music today as much as I did all those years ago. I’m so excited about my new album coming out on Friday!”

Celebrating The Release Of “Still Woman Enough”

What better way to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime artist than building the anticipation for her newest album Still Woman Enough. The record will officially come out on March 19, and fans can’t wait.

The Instagram post shows the youthful Loretta Lynn holding her acoustic guitar across her body with the name “Loretta” spelled in letters down the neck of the beautiful string instrument. An instrument that obviously holds a special place in the heart of the legendary female country artist.

Loretta’s brand new album by Legacy Records contains 13 tracks, and is considered a “celebration of women in country music.” Special guest appearances include Tanya Tucker, Carrier Underwood, Margo Price, and Reba McEntire.

The 88-year-old female country trailblazer announced the new album on the 50th anniversary of her famous and most popular Coal Miner’s Daughter album, which skyrocketed the country crooner into fame when the record was released in January of 1971.

“I am just so thankful to have some of my friends join me on my new album,” Lynn told the press. “We girl singers gotta stick together. It’s amazing how much has happened in the fifty years since Coal Miner’s Daughter first came out, and I’m extremely grateful to be given a part to play in the history of American music.”

Bringing Female Country Music Stars Together

In this newest album, Lynn thinks back on her main single, “I’m A Honky Tonk Girl.”

In the track, Loretta Lynn sings a duet with Tanya Tucker on “You Ain’t Woman Enough.” It also brings Margo Price in to be part of a special rendition of “One’s On The Way” from 1971.

A special title track not only brought together talented creatives but Lynn’s daughter, Patsy Lynn Russell, joined on, as well. The two women wrote and performed the song side-by-side. The touching tune features Underwood and McEntire, along with Loretta Lynn and daughter Patsy.

Loretta is the queen of turning songs into the most perfect covers. Lynn took on The Carter Family song “Keep On The Sunny Side,” before covering Hank Williams’ “I Saw The Light.”

The female country music artist was also sure to include a very special collaboration called “Still Woman Enough” that was recorded at the studio of Johnny Cash’s Cabin located in Hendersonville.

A spoken-word rendition of “Coal Miner’s Daughter” by Loretta Lynn was released earlier this week. A music video of Lynn at her ranch in Tennessee. A video was filmed of Loretta Lynn at her ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. The video played as the special artist created a spoken-word expression of the song. Still Woman Enough follows the 2018 release, “Wouldn’t It Be Great.” 

Loretta Lynn’s “Still Woman Enough” Track List

  1. Still Woman Enough (featuring Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood) 
  2. Keep On The Sunny Side 
  3. Honky Tonk Girl 
  4. I Don’t Feel At Home Any More 
  5. Old Kentucky Home 
  6. Coal Miner’s Daughter Recitation 
  7. One’s On The Way (featuring Margo Price)
  8. I Wanna Be Free 
  9. Where No One Stands Alone
  10. I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight 
  11. I Saw The Light 
  12. My Love 
  13. You Ain’t Woman Enough (featuring Tanya Tucker)