Loretta Lynn Mourns the Loss of ‘America’s Sweetheart’ Betty White

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

It should not surprise anyone when the Queen of Country Music, Loretta Lynn, sends out a touching message upon hearing Betty White died.

Lynn, who forever will be tied to songs like Coal Miner’s Daughter, shared her thoughts on Friday. White died on New Year’s Eve at 99 years old, just weeks away from turning 100.

White’s influence was felt across many creative genres, including music.

Let’s take a look and see what Loretta Lynn said about Betty White.

Loretta Lynn was born on April 14, 1932. She is 89 years old. Other hit songs in the Lynn discography include One’s on the Way and Fist City. She has 11 No. 1 albums and 24 No. 1 singles to her name.

On Lynn’s post, some fans were expressing their thoughts about Betty White.

Betty White Fans Share Their Thoughts Along With Lynn After Hearing News

One writes, “It hard to believe she’s gone she will be greatly missed”.

Another one shares a thought and adds one toward Lynn. “She was a national treasure who made America a better place!!! Like you” the fan writes.

This Loretta Lynn and Betty White fan says, “So heartbreaking! The world is a little dimmer today but heaven sure must be a lot brighter! May this beautiful human being Rest In Peace!”

And finally, we have this one, too, writing, “An amazing woman who had a great life R.I.P.”

Outsiders, it would not be surprising to think that some toasts on this New Year’s Eve night would not be made in the honor of Betty White.

Her mark is simply amazing in the pantheon of entertainment. Television, radio, movies, game shows, talk shows, comedies, sitcoms, you name it. Betty White could do it and make it all seem just as easy as being cool. Well, Betty was cool in so many ways.

White Won Grammy Award Back In 2012, Beat Out Val Kilmer, Tina Fey, Others

Sure, Betty White won a Grammy Award. While we are in the realm of music, Outsiders, let’s see what the sweet lady and animal lover won it for in 2012.

White took home the Grammy for Best Spoken Word AlbumIf You Ask Me (and of Course You Won’t) is the name of her audiobook reading. That’s also the title of her 2011 book.

The recording was done in a conversational tone. Both readers and listeners just loved hearing the woman’s voice and her tone.

Other nominees for this Grammy were people like Tina Fey and Val Kilmer. She gave those two high-profile actors a loss in their search for a Grammy themselves. But we don’t think they minded losing to a legend.