Loretta Lynn Once Relived Her Favorite Memories of Patsy Cline in a Sweet Interview

by Suzanne Halliburton

Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline, two country music legends, truly were best friends.

They were as close as sisters. Although they were the same age, Cline also served as a mentor to help with Lynn’s career, giving her suggestions varying from how to wear her hair and makeup to how to deal with men in the music business.

In an interview with Bravo, Loretta Lynn recalled that Cline would invite her over to the house. She treated her like part of the family.

Lynn said: “When I’d go over, she’d be cookin’ for me, and when everything was over and she would start diggin’ in her clothes, finding little old stuff for me to wear, sweaters and stuff. And she’d load me down before the night was over.”

Lynn was married with four children when she first met Cline. This was in 1961.

But they didn’t meet like typical friends. Rather, the conduit for their relationship was a performance. Cline, the established star, was in the hospital as she recuperated from severe injuries she suffered in a car wreck.

From her hospital bed, Cline tuned in to the radio show Midnight Jamboree. It came on right after the Grand Ole Opry. Loretta Lynn was on the show. And she sang Cline’s hit I Fall to Pieces. Although Lynn had yet to meet Cline, she dedicated the song to her.

Cline was so touched, she sent her husband to pick up Lynn and bring her to the hospital. The two became fast friends.

Loretta Lynn Said She and Patsy Cline Were As Close As Sisters

In other interviews, Loretta Lynn talked about how close the two became. You get the image of Thelma and Louise.

“We were two bad ones,” Lynn joked during an interview with the Associated Press. “If she’d still be around, we’d probably both be in the pen.”

But at the same time, Loretta Lynn said: “Patsy was always there to tell me what was right and what was wrong. She was my big sister that I never had.”

Cline did act like a big sister. Lynn said she showed her how to shave her legs. She taught her how to drive a car. And Cline would grab dresses from her own closet so Lynn would have something pretty to wear on stage. A young mother of four needs the help of a sister, whether she’s blood-related or a best friend. Lynn said Cline even gave her a pair of lace panties. Nice lingerie most always is good for a marriage.

We all know the horrible ending to this friendship. Cline died in a plane crash, March 5, 1963. She was returning to Nashville from Kansas City. She performed at a benefit there to help the family of a recently deceased disc jockey named Jack “Cactus” Hall. George Jones and Dottie West, another one of Cline’s best girlfriends, also sang at the benefit.

The weather was bad the day after the concert. West asked her friend to drive back to Nashville with her. But Cline opted to stay put and wait for the plane to take her home. The pilot crashed in a forest about 100 miles from Nashville.

Lynn said of Cline in the AP interview:

“She’s on my mind all the time. A lot of times, not even expecting it. But I’ll be sitting and thinking and I’ll see Patsy. I know a lot of people don’t believe that, but she’s with me all the time.”