Loretta Lynn Once Spoke Out About Her Banned Songs: ‘I Write What I Feel’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Rick Diamond / Staff/ Getty Images)

There is no stopping the legendary Loretta Lynn when she is feeling a song, whether it goes on to get banned or not.

Lorette Lynn is 88 years old and has been creating music since she was in her twenties. With that much experience under her belt, the icon pretty much does whatever she wants, that includes writing whatever she wants.

However, the trailblazing country artist isn’t hanging up the cowboy hat just yet. In fact, Lynn is just hitting her stride.

In a recent interview, Loretta Lynn opened up about a few of her songs being banned. Her reaction? She states that she simply puts her emotions into words, but people seem to like it.

Risk-taker, no, I just write what I feel, what is going on with me and my life,” Lynn said to Parade. “It just happened that a lot of other women felt the same. I would never set out to write something just for it to shock someone; I am not that clever. It’s always been about truth, and if that means radio wants to ban it, well, that’s their problem. Most of my records they banned became No. 1 anyway.”

Loretta Lynn’s Controversial Music

Some of Loretta Lynn’s earlier songs are seen as controversial, although she views her openness and boldness as necessary for listeners.

The Kentucky native released “The Pill” in 1975. The song highlights the use of birth control between a couple that keeps getting pregnant. At the time, the use, let alone speaking about such a subject, was viewed as thin ice, so many radio stations banned the hit altogether.

Nevertheless, her fans loved it. “The Pill” peaked at number 70 on the Hot 100 and became her highest-charting pop single.

Other songs thought to be controversial by Lynn are “Rated X” in 1973, “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ (with Lovin’ on Your Mind)” in 1966, and “One’s on the Way” in 1971.

Most recently, Loretta Lynn will release her 50th studio album, titled Still Woman Enough, on March 19. The album contains 13 new songs. It also features other bad*ss women within the country music industry, like Margo Price, Tanya Tucker, Reba McEntire, and Carrie Underwood.

Still Woman Enough discusses the coal miner’s daughter’s life and experiences, which she isn’t few on.

Only two more days to go! Buckle up, it’s sure to be a good one!